Why WIFI is so important

One of the things that the pandemic showed is the inequality created by that the lack of access to internet. Today, getting online has become as important as some of the other basic needs in life. If you cannot get onto the web, as a student, you won’t be able to receive the same education as others. There are many reasons why Wi-Fi is important to them. Here are some of them.


  • For Research

Where previous generations needed to go to the school library, in order to complete their research projects and other home works, today students find most of their information online. That is why to have Wi-Fi in student accommodation is so critical, to ease their work. If a school only provides Wi-Fi inside the common public area, it can create issues for those that rent a room on the school grounds, in comparison to those who go back home, at the end of day, where they do have access to the internet.

Today, solutions are many when it comes to installing a Wi-Fi network, but a fibre leased line might be the best solution, as it is fast and reliable. This type of connection guarantees a minimum speed of 50MB and can go all the way to 10GB. It provides multiple public IP addresses and is always available (99.9% of the time). Placing such a system to provide the internet for those living on school grounds, in their room, is the best way to provide them school support.


  • To access the Internet for Free

It may seem strange to some, but not everyone has access to the internet today, by their own means (either through their phone service or at home). Those who can’t afford to pay for such a service need to be able to find an internet Wi-Fi access to connect to complete their tasks but also to have access to the basic information they need (bus route schedule, school info, etc.). Therefore, the first place they will look for internet Wi-Fi will be at school, in public areas. Some cities are providing free Wi-Fi services in some of their public parks and other locations, which is of great help to those needing it.


  • To attend Classes and Student Meetings

Although the internet has been an important element to our lives, it became even more so, last year, as the coronavirus sent parts of the world population home. The lockdowns have changed the way we live, and no matter how and when the pandemic will end, some of the new habits will remain. Those include many that take place online. When schools are closed, courses keep going on the internet, as teachers provide their students with their regular schedule through a Zoom conference call or other video call systems. If you don’t have access to internet Wi-Fi at home, and you are asked to remain there, what are you supposed to do?

The same is true about student meetings. Either as a study or research groups, many have stopped meeting live and turned their weekly encounter into video calls. And we haven’t mentioned other student bodies, such as the school councils or extra-curricular school activities, that now take place online.

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