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Technology is present everywhere and in everything, but the fact that it works only when paired with programming makes programming essential for both kids and adults alike. Programming is at the core of various technologies and is a medium to operate them. For instance, computers need to be programmed before they can perform anything. As programming continues to change the world, it has become highly imperative to learn coding for kids . In recent years coding has become a basic literacy and is being taught like any other subject.

Programming for kids is a way of thinking and understanding how computers work. It is a process to instruct machines to perform a specific task. Many online platforms offer kids coding resources like classes, apps, courses, self-learning tutorials, etc. Such programs include various learning methods like coding games, puzzles, web development, and more fun activities for kids to develop a curiosity for coding. Learning to code helps kids acquire knowledge to operate various technologies, strengthening their life skills. It also enables them to choose through a variety of different career fields. 


Why is Programming Important?

Programming helps in developing a child’s ability to think logically to perform various tasks. It enables them to acquire a step-wise problem-solving approach for real-world problems. Like any other language, programming develops life-skills in children, allowing them to find creative solutions to difficult situations. It also helps them to develop logic to break-down complex problems to find efficient solutions. By recursively executing programs, kids learn to adjust to the changes and gain the strength to get-over failures without feeling sad. This quality is essential to stretch a child’s mental flexibility. It is also beneficial to build resilience in kids.


Famous Programming Languages for Kids.

Programmers use different coding languages to communicate instructions to a computer. With each language specializing in a particular aspect of programming, various programming languages are applied in diverse domains. For example, JavaScript is prominent for reaching web audiences, and Python is used in AI. Here are some famous programming languages for kids:

Python: Python for kids is a great choice to start learning to program as it is one of the most basic languages with an intuitive format and simple syntax. The highly enriched inbuilt library of this language enables kids to create any simple and complex programs with ease. Kids starting to learn to code will find it convenient to learn python programming to kick-start their coding journey. 

Scratch: The block-based UI of Scratch allows kids to create interactive programs that boost their interest in programming and computer languages. It is suitable for younger kids aged between 8-16 years. This block-based interactive language enables kids to learn fundamentals easily. The visualized programming format is highly effective in delivering precise knowledge to young kids. It is a kid-friendly language and has a vast playground for everyone to explore. 

C++ Language: This programming language is used to build applications that run locally on computers such as yours. Despite the time and effort taken to learn C++, it will provide children with a solid foundation in programming. C++ is a computer language that can be used to build systems software, games, and a number of other applications. Modifying current scripts is a perfect way to learn the fundamentals. Modifying current scripts is a perfect way to learn the fundamentals of coding.

Lua Script: It is a lightweight scripting language that can be downloaded and installed. Lua is a programming language that is effective, fast, and simple to learn. Lua programming does not require any prior language skills to grasp and use the application. It's used in a lot of different things, like sports, mobile apps, and image processing. Lua is an excellent first language, these young kids can master. 

JavaScript: JavaScript is one of the most popularized languages. Programmers widely apply it in one way or the other. Learn to code with JavaScript is simple and easy as it does not require any complicated setup. It is also known as the internet’s language due to its usability in online games and interactive websites. With JavaScript, kids can quickly learn to start programming as it has a very lucid syntax. Running these scripts is also quite flexible on any platform. 



Many online programs offer to teach programming to kids. These programs include online/offline classes for kids to learn how to communicate with these computers, thus building their skills and confidence to be creative. Let’s give them a chance to use their thoughts and create something of their own.

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