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Are you in the middle of your exams and everything is just too much for you? It would be best if you had started studying much earlier! There's the perfect solution: tutoring. Because every time you give private lessons, not only does your knowledge and understanding of the subject deepen, but you also earn money, so it doesn't get any better than that. Plus, it's never too late to learn new skills. In this article, you'll learn how to get motivated for the next exam period and how tutoring can give you more structure in your university life.


Build a foundation 

In the beginning, you should first think about which topics are super easy for you and which are not. Make a note of these and write down your reasons. You could write "Languages are easier for me because I am interested in the culture behind them". Then think about the topics where you have gaps or where you need a lot of motivation to start learning.

Now the question arises as to how you would like to approach your tutoring job. There are two possibilities. Either you consolidate your existing knowledge with private tutoring so that you end up with very good grades. Alternatively, you can specifically work on your gaps, really get to grips with your "weaker" subjects so that you can then explain them clearly and understandably in the tutoring session. 


Finding a suitable tutoring job

Now that you have decided what you want to focus on, the question is how and where to find a suitable tutoring job. You can search openly for tutoring jobs in your area, or you can limit your search directly to the subjects of your choice, such as finding a tutoring job for English. Good organisation is always important beforehand.



You've probably already realised that it's not all that tricky and that it has a pretty cool side effect because you can improve your bank account while you're doing it. You can also find out more tips on how to prepare for your exams. But always remember to take breaks, because tutoring and studying at the same time can quickly become a big burden, even without good time management.

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