Easy Steps to Optimise Your Facebook Page in 2021

Facebook has a great potential to use for your business growth and success. According to the statistics, in 2021, this social media platform has over 2.8 active users, and this number keeps growing constantly. If you wish to stay competitive, then a Facebook business page is a must-have. And, in this article, we’re going to show the ways of optimization of the Facebook page so that it brings you profits and new customers.


7 Facebook Business Page Optimization Hacks 2021

It’s not enough to create a business account on this social media channel so that it helps your business to grow, strengthen your marketing efforts, and so on. Knowledge of the 7 Facebook Page optimization hacks to increase organic reach in 2021 is needed to succeed in Facebook marketing.


1. Choose the right name

The Facebook Business Page name is the very first thing to check and fix if you want to optimize it. It’s fundamental for your Facebook Business Page success just because:

  • The first word of the Facebook page title is the most significant in the eyes of search engines, including but not limited to Google;
  • It’s what the people remember and type in the search bar.

Herewith, a unique, memorable, and brandable name to represent your business and personality is needed. Avoid using generic keywords not to look spam-like.


2. Create vanity URL

As soon as you create a Facebook Page, a dynamic URL for your page will be automatically generated. Don’t settle for it. Never. Personalize your address, unifying it with your brand name. Mind that it should be short, unique, and, certainly, easy to remember. If you customize and match Facebook vanity URL with your Business Page’s title then you:

  • Strengthen your brand recognition;
  • Hugely improve the findability of your page not only in Facebook search but in search engines as well.


3. Add images to your page

There is one more way to reflect your brand — add images to your profile. Avatar is not the only possible way to customize your Facebook Page. Experiment with different cover images. Today Facebook allows you to be even more creative and use slideshow and/or video in the featured image/banner section.

Today you can design covers using various online tools. For example, Crello is one such editing platform. This is a fabulous online service that offers not only templates for cover/post images, but presentation templates, tons of HD images, videos, GIFs to use for your profile. In such a way your Facebook Page looks appealing, interactive, pro-looking, engaging.


4. Fill out your Facebook Business Page profile in detail

Though it’s quite an obvious step, yet, many companies neglect it when it offers a lot of advantages for both your customers and SEO efforts. Just imagine two-thirds of users report visiting a local business Facebook Page when searching for details about the company and its products/services. That’s why it’s vital for businesses to provide customers with complete information about the company, including:

  • Description/About us:
    • Company, organization, or institution;
    • Local business or place;
    • Brand or product;
    • Entertainment;
    • Artist, band, or public figure;
    • Cause or community, etc.
  • Location and map;
  • Contact details (phone numbers, email, messengers, etc.);
  • Official website address if you have one;
  • Other social media accounts if any (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.);
  • Working hours, and so on.

It’s a way to:

  • Become closer to your audience;
  • Tell more about you and your product/service;
  • Bring value to the users;
  • Increase brand identity;
  • Improve the findability of your company and many more.

All that works only if you keep all the information about your company accurate and up to date though.


5. Sprinkle keywords wisely

When it comes to optimization, it’s critical to use keywords for both social media and websites. Herewith, sprinkle your Facebook Business Page with keywords wisely and add the target ones in the most strategic and important parts:

  • Page title;
  • URL;
  • About us section.

In these parts of the page, the keywords will be visible and appear in search results, helping users to find you. Keep in mind that your page name corresponds with the title tag when the short description works as your meta description tag. Don’t overuse keywords, implement them naturally to be banned/filtered by Facebook search and other search engines.


6. Implement useful features available on Facebook

New useful tools for businesses are constantly introduced by Facebook to ease business running and maintenance. Keep an eye on any new features and use the available ones for keeping your page well-optimized.

Here are a few features that are a must-have in 2021:

  • Call to action (CTA).

Make sure to add one of the CTA that suits both your business and Facebook Page goals. Here are 7 CTA variants that help you to let the users know what you expect from them:

  1. Sign Up;
  2. Book Now;  
  3. Contact Us;
  4. Use App;
  5. Play Game;
  6. Shop Now;
  7. Watch a Video, and so on.
  • Messenger for Business.

20 billion (or even more) messages are exchanged between FB users and businesses every month. Catch the opportunity to communicate with your customers via the platform. What's more, you can even implement the Facebook chatbot to meet the expectations of your customers for an immediate response 24/7.

  • Payments via Facebook.

Easy payments are guaranteed by implementing the feature. What’s more, it’s available on the Messenger app mobile and desktop. Payments with a debit card are supported without any changes by Facebook involved.

  • Saved replies.

Hasten the process of responding to your customers by saving the generic replies for all of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) using the feature. However, don’t forget to personalize the answers prior to sending them.


7. Post Engaging Content

Last but not least is to post engaging, useful, valuable, and relevant content frequently so that people remember you and visit your FB page as often as possible. In such a way you will:

  • Keep your users engaged;
  • Boost trust in your brand;
  • Increase the expertise of your company;
  • Enhance users' loyalty;
  • Improve your SEO efforts just don’t forget to use keywords for the purpose.


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