Is A Master’s Degree In Criminal Justice Worth It?

Thinking about obtaining a master's degree can be tiring and may require strenuous effort, but it's rewarding for your personal development and career advancement. If you currently have a career in the criminal justice field and you want to take it on to the next level, but you think your experience isn't enough, taking up a master's degree is the best option you may consider that'll possibly open up more career opportunities for you. 

If you want to enrol in a graduate school programme, there are factors to consider, such as your budget and time. It’s important that you’re prepared emotionally, physically, and mentally, to ensure that you’ll maximize your journey towards completing your degree. If you're still contemplating whether earning a master's degree is the right move for you, here are some of the reasons why it can be worth it:

  1. Expand Career Opportunities

Having a master's degree in criminal justice gives you the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge about the different facets of this field. You'll have a greater understanding of how laws were created and how to implement them. The knowledge and skills that you've gained through higher educational attainment sharpen your capabilities to do a wide range of job descriptions. 

The positions that you can apply for in criminal justice—police officer, detective, paralegal, forensic technician, post-secondary teacher, researcher, etc.—usually requires you to complete a bachelor's degree, but if you pursue your graduate studies, you get to have a chance to be promoted for a higher position for career development. 

What's good about enrolling in graduate school today is, there's flexibility in learning set-up because the master’s degree in criminal justice online is also available depending on the school where you'll enrol, perfect for those who have a busy schedule.

  1. Gain Niche Expertise

Pursuing your master's degree can either give you a broad overview of criminal justice, or it can help you build a new skill that helps you become more competitive in your field. Law enforcement has multiple niches like criminology, cyber forensics, or other related administration jobs. By obtaining a master's degree, you’re able to choose a specialization that isn't available in the undergraduate course to fit your interests or career aspirations.

If you have in-depth knowledge about your niche, you can easily stand out in a competitive job market. Since you become an expert in your chosen field through your master’s degree, you don’t have to worry about not having work experiences before applying for a job because you already have industry-specific knowledge most employers acknowledge, so there are higher chances to land a job after graduation.

  1. You’ll Gain Real-World Experience

A part of most university’s curriculum is assisting students in experiencing what it’s like to work in the real world. The learning opportunities you gain while earning your master’s degree in criminal justice can count as an experience. You can expect that both practical skills and in-depth knowledge about this field are what you develop through the hands-on experience you gain in graduate school.

Compared to a bachelor’s degree programme that’s more focused on theoretical views, the master’s degree programme is more focused on how you’ll apply those theories in reality. There are in-class case studies, on-the-job training, co-op opportunities, and field research in graduate school to prepare you for the real world.

  1. Get a Sense of Personal Development

Not all are given the opportunity to accomplish a master's degree in criminal justice. It's worthy of respect because of the time and sacrifice involved in order to attain it. You'll experience greater recognition and credibility, so it wouldn't be complicated to apply for jobs because your attainment will make a difference in your resume.

You'll have a sense of accomplishment that'll boost confidence and will serve as a central character-building life experience. Since you have the confidence, you're well equipped with knowledge in your chosen field, you get to meet new people in the industry, and you have the opportunity to share your ideas and also teach your peers.


  1. Increase Earning Potential

You may be spending thousands of dollars on your master’s degree, but it’s considered an investment for your future. One of the reasons why students are encouraged to further pursue their studies is because of the idea that the higher educational attainment earned, the easier you’ll land into a high-paying job or get a promotion with increased pay. 

When you apply for a position in a company, the usual basis for your payment is experience. However, if your employer sees that you've obtained a higher degree, they'll think that you can be a great asset to the company with the knowledge and skills you possess, so to ensure that you'll grab the job offer, they may compensate you higher, or you can demand higher pay.

  1. Help you Make a Career Change

If you opt for a higher degree, you can be versatile when it comes to your career choice with the wide range of positions that you can apply for as a degree holder in criminal justice. You have a well-rounded skill set which enables you to be qualified in entering different related fields. Since you have enough knowledge and skills in criminal justice, you can jump from one niche to another, and your employer won't have a hard time training you. 

You’ll benefit from it because you can choose the career path you genuinely enjoy to avoid underemployment. A career change that’s still related to your chosen field allows you to broaden your skills, so your knowledge regarding criminal justice isn’t only limited to one aspect, thus helping you grow professionally. 

Final Thoughts

If you still have second thoughts of enrolling for your master's degree in criminal justice, the points given above may help you assess if you'll benefit from it. Obtaining a higher degree in this field may expand your career opportunities. You’ll become an expert in your niche. You’ll better understand what to expect in the actual work, experience a boost of personal development, and enjoy higher pay. Getting a diploma in the graduate school programme is worth it, with the benefits you can get to further enhance your professional skills.

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