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Students, like no one else, realize the importance of gadgets. Whenever they go, they are sure to have a charged phone to chat with colleagues and take notes. Moreover, the current situation has made students even more reliant on smartphones and laptops. Tuning in classes first thing in the morning is a common practice these days. But with all that said, have you revealed all the potential of your devices? After all, they can do much more than process your query, like "write my essay," for instance. You can benefit from your devices hugely if you know what productivity apps to use, especially when it comes to your studies. So, without further ado, let's look at the five most useful apps that will boost your academic performance!


Whenever and whatever you study, tests are an everyday activity. Teachers carry out tests for obvious reasons. They want students to learn the material and increase their expertise on a specific topic. Unfortunately, though, instructors don't usually provide students with learning techniques and other mnemonics. Instead, they advise learners to peruse their notes and look at study materials placed in a curriculum. 

First, rote learning will do you no good. Second, you will spend lots of time reading your notes (let alone learning the material). Third, why do that if you can use Quizlet? Quizlet is a top-notch app aimed at boosting learners' comprehension of any subject. The app has lots of modes that make anyone engaged in the learning process. The application is free for anyone with the option to switch to premium.


It is challenging to stay concentrated when numerous notifications pop up on various gadgets. Did you know that it takes more than 10 minutes to restore our attention -- along with productivity -- once we are disturbed? 

It isn't worth reading each and every notification you receive. Indeed, some may be crucial, but if it's an emergency, ask your friends or parents to call you directly. When you do that, don't forget to elevate your DND mode to the next level and download Forest. 

Forest is an app that helps you remain concentrated. It is a straightforward and practical application to help you complete your tasks on time. You can set the timer for your study session and start working. The app will block any incoming notification and provide you and the entire globe with benefits. Forest is not an ordinary app. It is an environmentally responsible program. Using Forest, you contribute to forestation! It doesn't cost you anything to use this app. Yet, the outcomes of it are impressive.

Google Calendar

If you have ever forgotten to complete the assignment, you are a typical student. And it is understandable, as students often have hectic schedules and lots of tasks with short deadlines. So it is no surprise that such a rhythm requires strong time-management skills. But how to pick them up? Google Calendar is the solution. 

Google Calendar is one of the best and simplest apps that will help you deal with your studies. It will make you organized and aware of your tasks. Therefore, you will be able to break down your work into small and doable chunks. You can create events and set reminders for different assignments. This way, you won't be anxious remembering about the task one hour before the deadline. 


Every student takes notes. Some can write for hours, claiming it helps them memorize the material. Others prefer to outline crucial information and use their own words when answering questions. Taking notes is a pure craft, and it might take lots of time to know how to take notes properly. However, you can speed up your learning process by using Notion. Notion is not a trailblazer in the note-taking field. But it has already become among the most downloaded and used note-taking apps.

Notion develops continuously, and it is for a reason. The Notion community is very open-minded and helpful. Everyone can contribute to the app's interface and usability. Thanks to that, you can choose from dozens of available templates. For instance, you can create class notes by using a prepared template, divided into comprehensive sections. Or you can use a grade calculator to estimate your average. 

Regardless of what you choose, Notion will help you keep every note in the right place, which you can reach quickly and easily. Besides, you can sync your Google Calendar with Notion and know about every incoming event, deadline, and class. By default, Notion has several versions. But it welcomes students and grants you a pro version for free (provided you register with your college email).

Khan Academy

Academia doesn't teach us everything. Instead, it provides us with the necessary knowledge and motivates us to delve deep into a subject on our own. Instructors assign students tasks to check their understanding of the topic. But what to do if such knowledge is insufficient to handle the task? Giving up on the assignment isn't the most fantastic idea. 

Instead of sitting with no clue, download Khan Academy and enhance your expertise at your own pace! Khan Academy comprises numerous educational videos on different subjects. It may help you understand the topic and tackle your task independently. Khan Academy is free and available on Play Market and App Store.


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