Make it special to go back to school with a gift

With all the craziness 2020/2021 has thrown at us, heading back to school this year is likely to be more daunting than ever. So why not treat your loved ones with a gift to say well done for getting back to school? Or perhaps you want to say a big thank you to the teachers and staff who are having to grapple with the difficult procedures to make schools safe. In this post, we will look at some of the great ways you can say thank you and be well done with a gift card.


Make going back to school special – for the teachers

Teachers have made it possible for your kids to get back to school and deserve a serious thank you. Throughout lockdown, they’ve also had to adapt to online classrooms, or keeping schools open for the children of key workers. A gift card is a great way to say thanks to all those teachers for their hard work. It also means you don’t have to worry about making an awkward gift choice for someone you don’t really know all that well. Check out our guide to eGift cards, pick from 100s of the top brands, and load it up with a bonus to say thanks! You can even include a personal message for an added personal touch. Here, we outline some of our top picks for gift cards for teachers:

  • Netflix – With teachers under more pressure than ever, why not help them kick back and relax when they get home with a Netflix gift card?
  • Spotify - Nothing says thank you better than access to all the world’s best music. There is a world of music just waiting to be discovered every week!
  • Uber – Help them make the most of their days off with an Uber gift card to get them wherever they want to be.


Make going back to school special – for the kids

It’s not just the teachers who deserve a special reward for going back to school this year. Indeed, kids have had to cope with so much already. Not least having to spend so much time at home thanks to lockdowns the world over. But with all the changes that will be in place to make things safe at school, it will likely be a daunting time to be heading back there. Here, we outline a few ideas to lighten their load, be educational, and bring a smile to their faces when they need it:

  • School supplies – What better way to go back to school than with a range of new stationery? From pens and pencils to book-binders and backpacks, a gift card can make it exciting for kids to start back at school. And with a gift card, you can leave it up to them to choose the new kit they’ve had their eyes on.
  • Music for the journey – Why not treat them to a music gift card to make their journey to school all the sweeter? Music can be a comfort to all of us and is a great way to relax when you’re preparing for a new challenge.
  • Gaming rewards – Get them to do their homework with a gaming gift card reward system. Nothing is more inspiring than an enticing reward!


Make going back to school special – for the parents

It’s not just kids who’ve had it hard during lockdowns that have swept the globe. Parents the world over have found themselves having to compete with the demands of work whilst suddenly finding themselves in charge of home-schooling. But with kids going back to school, they are likely going to miss their unexpected colleagues they’ve become accustomed to. Here are some of our top ideas for gift cards to make going back to school special for the parents:

  • Pandora – Spoil someone rotten with a gift card for stunning stacks of jewellery.  
  • eBay – Let them pick exactly what they’re after with a gift card to the world’s original e-commerce site.
  • Hulu – Help them make the most of some extra time with a gift card for streaming services.

Heading back to school this year is both more challenging and more special than perhaps ever before. Whether you want to thank the teachers for all their hard work. To give the kids a boost for this new challenge. Or to give parents a pat on a back for all their hard work through lockdowns and summers. A gift card is an ideal way to show you care without any risk of choosing the wrong thing.

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