Eating in London can be affordable even when being a student, it’s just about finding the right places and where is the best value for money. You must keep an eye out for special offers, shop smart. Markets are often the place to go if you’re looking for somewhere with a variety of different foods to choose from and healthy options. Grabbing a bite to eat is an easier alternative to cooking for students after a busy day, allowing for more time to study. In this article we will talk about 5 impressive food stalls around London. 


5 Food Stalls That UK Students Must Try


Camden Market: Oh My Dog!

Open since 1974, the variety in Camden Market can be overwhelming. However, if you plan your visit and discover the best places to go, you know exactly where to head for. The diverse culture, creative sellers, street food and independent stores makes it worthwhile for a day out. Starting off as a small arts and crafts fair, open on Sundays whereas now, it’s increasing popularity has allowed the market to be open 7 days a week and now the largest market in London. 

Oh My Dog is just one of their thousands of stalls, the American-themed stall takes your regular hot dog to a whole new level, bigger and tastier. They strive for innovation, the menu is expanding each day and their hot dog selection is crazy, a topping for everyone! One of their best sellers being a ‘chilli-steak dog’ consisting of frankfurter served with chilli-steak, melted cheddar, onions, jalapenos, sour cream and finally American mustard, if that’s not enough, I don’t know what is. Hot dogs were imported from Germany but became popular in the United States. 

Borough Market: Brindisa

Borough Market is a wholesale and retail market based in Southwark, London. One of the largest and oldest food markets in London, dating back to at least the 12th century. Based in a historic setting, you get to learn about the history and story behind the sellers also providing foods from lots of different cultures and countries. Sustainable food production and short supply chains are just two areas the people of the market care about and prioritize which brings in visitors from all over who share interest in this. 

Barindisa, located in the heart of the market, surrounded by the hustle and bustle since 1998, providing a range of delicious Spanish foods, is open Monday to Saturday. The shop supplies the best Spanish ingredients to locals and offers their expert advice within the food market to educate individuals, especially through their highly demanded ham schools where customers learn how to carve ham and find the best wine pairings. Their ‘chorizo roll’ is regularly listed as London’s cheapest eats, perfect for a quick bite to eat for students in between lessons. Barindisa now owns 5 popular tapas bars and restaurants located in central London, they continue to expand each and every day. 

Brixton Market: Franco Manca

The passion within this local community is strong and is what has kept Brixton market trading after all these years, campaigning to have locations listed and saving many buildings from demolition. Brixton is well known for the vibrant atmosphere, multicultural community and creative independent businesses.

Franco Manca provides first-class pizzas in London. The first pizzeria was based here in Brixton Market in 2008, Giuseppe and Bridget founded Franco Marca and now have 55 pizzerias around the UK. With amazing business morals and standards, they strive to support local workers on farms and correctly source ingredients, this is very important to them as a business, proving their individuality. Margarita being their signature dish on sourdough base and only costs under £6, as London prices go that is a very sensible option for students on a budget. The pizzas are made fresh and have a different ‘special’ each day with vegan and gluten free options, allowing everyone to experience the taste of Franco Manca.

Broadway Market: Shrimpy

Each Saturday in East London, Hackney, Broadway Market comes to life. Packed with a mixture of 135 stalls including, food, flower and vintage clothing stalls to provide for each taste. Since the 1890s Broadway Market continues to thrive especially after its makeover nearly 15 years ago.

Shrimpy is among their many food stalls, making delicious seafood. Starting back in 2013, aiming to introduce this cuisine to people who are unfamiliar, introducing different types of foods and flavours to allow them the full experience. Showing individuals how versatile this food can be and a insight into the health benefits. Shrimpy are also located in various locations such as Spitalfields and Southbank market. The signature burger is a tower of shrimp in a toasted brioche bun dressed in a sauce of your choice either Soy-sauce or dill batter.


Finally for dessert. Handcrafted to perfection in London and sent all over the UK, brought to you by Crosstown. The tastiest doughnuts around, made with real ingredients to provide the freshest taste. From the dough to the fillings and toppings everything’s made in house by a skillful team, who are constantly striving to reach the best quality. Launched back in 2014 by Adam Wills in the form of a market stall in Leather Lane, being the first food trader to accept card payments, this really set them apart from their competition at the time.

Crosstown is a very young brand and is driven by innovation, creating unique flavours to keep customers on their toes, with their most recent limited edition flavour sea salt caramel & banana cream. This business continues to flourish and have ventured out into wedding and event catering, providing amazing displays as well as birthday boxes to treat your loved ones too. They have many stores including trucks, shops, markets and scoop bars all in various locations, from London bridge, Cambridge to soho. Crosstown provides accessibility with multiple ways to serve customers, which is very convenient for all students in each area of London, resulting in loyal customers.

Overall, there are endless options for food stalls for students in London which are convenient for busy, hectic schedules. So, whatever you’re after there’s always an unconventional option that will surprise you with the quality of their cuisine whilst allowing you to support growing, small businesses.

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