As a student, your days of trick or treating are likely over. But that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Halloween anymore! There are loads of fun ways to celebrate the spookiest season of the year as a student, and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Trying to do anything on a student budget can be difficult, but that shouldn't stop you from doing it. If you're thinking of upping the budget for your Halloween celebrations or if you accidentally end up spending a little too much, then StudentJob can help. Register today and start applying to 1000s of UK part time jobs! Here are 3 enjoyable yet affordable ways you can celebrate Halloween this year on a student budget.

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1. Get creative with your Halloween decorations

An easy way to get yourself into the spirit of Halloween is to decorate your student living space. That doesnt mean however, that you need to go buy the biggest and scariest decorations your local supermarket has to offer. Instead, try doing some Halloween crafts. Creating your own DIY eerie ornaments is an easy way to decorate for halloween on a budget, and can be a great time too.

Some quick, easy and cheap Halloween crafts ideas are:

  • Cobwebs: Take some cotton wool and pull it apart so it's thin enough to look like real spider webs. Then place it around your living space, it's that easy!
  • Halloween Bunting: All you need for this is sheets of paper and pens. Draw then cut out ominous shapes like ghosts, pumpkins and skulls then stick or staple them together. Then hang them up to create your very own Halloween bunting.
  • Jack-O-Lantern: A classic Halloween decoration, and super easy and entertaining to make as well. Simply buy a pumpkin, empty the innards, cut out a scary face and put a few tea lights inside. These can be really enjoyable to make with friends and will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween.
  • Scary Mystery Box: This craft is great for Halloween parties or just to play with your friends. Cut a hole in a shoe box large enough to fit a hand in but not big enough to see what's inside. Then, place something inside like cooked spaghetti or overcooked rice that could be mistaken for something much worse. Have friends reach in and guess what's inside, and watch them scream and squirm at what they think it might be!

2. Create your own budget Halloween costumes and looks

If you fancy going to a Halloween themed event or party, then a good costume is a must. Getting your hands on the perfect costume can be difficult and expensive though, and you shouldn't waste your money on an expensive costume from a shop that you'll only ever wear once. Instead, try using some cheap and clever Halloween costume ideas. Try to think of topical pop culture references people will easily recognise. The latest movies and TV shows like the Squid Game tracksuits or popular celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo are good places to start when choosing a costume. People will quickly identify and enjoy your costume, and you won't have to go broke to wear it.

If you don't want to dress up, then how about doing some Halloween nails and makeup? This can be a great way to still look nice and join in with the Halloween theme. If you want some Halloween makeup ideas, then Youtube and Pinterest will have loads of examples to help you out. If you're not trying to look your best, then face paint and fake blood can be used to create horrifying looks that will impress your friends.

3. Do some spooky cooking

Lastly, a cheap and entertaining way to celebrate the 31st October is baking Halloween-themed treats. Whether you're cooking them for yourself, your friends or to take to a party, the act of making themed treats is an amusing way to celebrate Halloween in itself. Just remember to keep your ingredients affordable and check for allergens. Some spooky Halloween food ideas include:

  • Halloween Cupcakes: Cupcakes are simple to make and can be really tasty too. Adding imaginative scary toppings like icing blood and spiders makes them the perfect Halloween treat.
  • Cake Pops: A modern way to enjoy cake, designing cake pops to look like eyeballs and pumpkins looks really cool and can be a great scary snack. 
  • Halloween Pumpkin Soup: If you're making a Jack-O-Lantern then don't let the seeds and innards go to waste. Use them to make a delicious pumpkin soup for a healthy and affordable meal.

These are just a few ideas for halloween party food on a budget, but if you want to make anything else, then let your imagination fly and go for it!

Trying these student budget Halloween ideas will be a sure fire way to ensure you have fun this Halloween season and don't break the bank account doing it. If your interested in other ways you should be saving money at university, then check out StudentJob's other pieces on student financing advice. Or take a look at the other ways you can better enjoy your time at university. Happy Halloween!


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