Students are at more risk of burglary due to it being their first time living on their own and still being very young, also they are more likely going to have high valuable items such as laptops for studying, TVs, speakers, all which are a target. Around one third of students become a victim of crime while at University, due to having fewer surveillance measures. Which is why students should follow simple tips on how to keep your accommodation safe and which extra precautions to take. 

Set your lights on timers

This is a simple device which allows you to set your lights up to automatically turn on and off, this is ideal for when you are out for the night or a few days giving the impression that somebody’s home as there is activity inside. Even to leave a curtain half open, anything that will add to the effect of ‘somebody’s home’ this will divert burglars from targeting your home due to the riskiness. Also, this method saves yourself money when you are away for a long period of time as its much more effective then leaving the light on the whole time your away. 

Domestic intruder alarm systems

There are plenty of Domestic Home Security Systems available to keep your student accommodation secure and give you the peace of mind to feel safe while you study, most importantly protecting your valuables. The main aim for these alarms is for them to act as a deterrent to crime. If burglars see a house which has an alarm fitted, they will avoid this at all costs due to the hassle this would cause for them and the fact that they will be on camera. Most systems these days are very smart and allow you to have access to the remote from your phone which is ideal for when you are not in your place.

Keep valuables away from windows

This is a very simple, free method of keeping your place safe and less at risk from unwanted guests. Good advice would be to hide and put away any items with high value, burglars want a quick, easy job and wouldn’t want to spend time looking for your items, so this way if there hidden away and cannot be seen through windows, it gives them less reasons to target your house. Also, hide any packaging to expensive goods and don’t leave them in the bins out the front. For example, your laptop packaging as this indicates these items are likely to be within your house. Finally, when your go back home for the holidays make sure you take all expensive goods or you’re prize possessions home with you, to avoid the worry as thieves know exactly when students will be on their break.

Cancel regular deliveries

If you have any parcels which arrive all the time, it would be best to cancel these while you’re out the house or when you’re on your university break as this will be an obvious clue too burglars that you ae out of the house as there will be a pile up of parcels and could eventually be a fire hazard.

Overall, with a mix of free and paid for methods of keeping safe while at university, it is very important you keep these tips in mind to allow you to have a worry-free living situation while away from home. 

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