In a very short period of time, the world has changed so much many people are feeling as if they were changing a flat tire… with the car in motion! The pandemic has not but increased this feeling. For a moment, we thought everything around us was tumbling down and, in a way, it did.

The world economy has received a hard blow but, true to its own nature, it has accelerated processes that were, at that point, just growing. One of the most visible changes in paradigm has been work from home. Confinements around the globe due to the ongoing pandemic have forced companies to find new work models and, implementing remote jobs and new business models has been mandatory for the economy.

A clear example of this is the moderator job in internet chats.

Nowadays, all countries are trying to create the legal basis to regulate jobs from home, and they are rushing to bring these laws out. That is because society always advances quicker than legal rights. While this is going on, millions of people around the world have changed their offices for their home desks. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages that the moderator job can offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moderator Job on the Internet

You get weekly payed jobs. You get to choose your own job hours

These are very, very good things the moderator job in internet chats can give you.

  • You get payed for each moderated message and the wage grows progressively, the more messages you moderate, the more you get payed per moderated message.
  • You get payed every week through a deposit in your bank or through an electronic purse.
  • You get to manage your time at your will.
  • You can work from any place in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection, it doesn’t even need to be a very good one.
  • All you need to do is moderate messages.

Being your own boss? Where’s the trick?

There is no trick. It is not an internet scam. This job offers almost infinite flexibility, but if you are not disciplined, if you do not put effort into it, you will not make a lot of money.

Disappointed? Well, this is an article about a real job, not about an internet fake where you are deceived into believing you can make big money with no effort.

Work from home: the good things

A remote job as a moderator has many advantages. It doesn’t matter if you already have a job of if you are in the pursuit of one, here we will number a few of them:

1. The social, economic or cultural background of the person to be hired is not relevant.

The job is about moderating messages. All you need is to be able to write and have some people’s skills. If you are nice, friendly and you can keep a good conversation, you can make a lot of extra money at home.

2. You save money on transportation as you do not have to move to a location which is not your home.

And it’s not just the money. You save on mental health because you will not miss the bus, or smell your neighbor’s odor in the subway or take part of a monumental traffic jam. Not to speak of accidents or fines.

3. You decrease your ecologic footprint.

The climate emergency and the sixth mass extinction are two existing facts. The world is collapsing at the ecological level. Well, with a remote job, as is the moderator job, you reduce your Co2 emissions and you contribute to decelerate the disaster.

It is true that sending an e-mail has a Co2 cost as internet servers do consume electricity, but you were going to send them from your office anyway, right?

4. It improves balance between your personal and your working life.

Conciliating personal and working life is one of those great social challenges of the XXI century. That is one of the big reasons work for home is an option which is increasingly demanded.

The advantages of work from home are evident. Especially if you have younger children at home.

5. Your working opportunities are not limited by your geographical location.

Working from any place, at any moment, is not trending, it is the future of jobs. Technology evolves and brings us nearer every day. Even if you are not in your office physically, remote work can be equally efficient.

The moderator job from home is a great opportunity to begin taking part of the future of work. But, what do you consider home? It does not have to be a permanent residence. Would you like to travel around the world? This job would allow it. Right, you wouldn’t be going to five star hotels, but you can travel and live from your remote job, that is a fact. Would you like to live in a cabin by the beach and work calmly while you are having your breakfast? Become a chat moderator and this will be possible.

Work at home as a moderator: the disadvantages

  • You don’t get payed per hour, you get payed per moderated message. This is good… as long as you are a very disciplined and hard working person.
  • You have total freedom as to what your working hours can be, when you want to work during the day, week… in what place of the world you want to work; you don’t have a boss shouting at you… sounds nice, doesn’t it? But it depends on what type of person you are.
  • There are people who need to have someone watching them to put themselves to work, a boss, defined schedules, an office. They need these types of things to be productive.
  • If you get distracted easily, you should have in mind that you will be working with the most distracting tool ever created: the internet. Not to take into account your children, walking down to the grocery to buy something, your cell phone, the news, cooking…
  • On the other hand, I did describe a paradise scene before, didn’t I? A cabin right on the beach shore. Would you have the willpower to work in a place like this while the people around you are surfing? It is hard. That is why enforcing discipline on yourself will be very important.

Extra income: on average

Obviously, not everything is black or white. You don’t have to be an extra hard working person or dedicate eight hours a day to the moderating job if you don’t want to. Many people decide to work 2, 3 or 4 hours a day to complement the salary they already have. It is a very respectable option.

By the way, there is a particular species: the digital nomad. They’re usually young people who like to travel around the world on a budget, normally they will travel to countries that are cheaper than theirs, and who don’t like to work too much. What they want is to surf some waves and flirt in the shared kitchen of the youth hostel they are staying at. Would you like to be part of this group? 4 hours of moderator job a day can pay for 3 days in any southeast asian country for sure.

So, what is your situation?


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