A lot of students don't focus on obtaining their only degree at a university these days. Thanks to the ability to work remotely, many undergraduates started mastering careers in the IT sector. It helps them earn extra money while studying and learn practical skills. There are a lot of options to start earning online. However, the most reliable way is to choose one of the IT careers from the post below and master them. 

IT Careers Every Student Can Master


Marketing and Advertising

The primary job responsibility of marketing managers is to create engaging content that draws the attention of readers. Besides, the content has to be optimized according to particular standards to get ranked well. Therefore, you can start by becoming a content manager. Further, by obtaining new skills, you will be able to become a marketing manager. They are responsible for creating advertising strategies, optimizing websites, promoting a business, etc. Also, marketing managers have to monitor the success of their strategies and enhance them to get better results. 

If you're good at processing large amounts of data, you can become a PPC (pay per click) specialist. Experts in this niche are responsible for attracting clients by posting paid ads. However, the paid marketing strategy has to be well-tailored to spend the advertised budget efficiently.

Web Developer

Even though there are a lot of builders that foresee the ability to create great websites in a few clicks, web developers are still in high demand. Being a student, you can easily learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are the main languages used for building websites. Moreover, the languages are easy to learn, which is an additional benefit. You can become an entry-level specialist by learning the languages for a few months.

Most students are aware of code, considering that it is something they won't be able to grasp. However, in a nutshell, it is a set of commands that have to be arranged in a particular way. All that you have to do is learn them and master your skills in building websites by practicing. 

You will likely start by developing small items like custom contact forms and updating the design of existing websites. After gaining some experience, you will become a skilled web developer who can create a website from scratch. To develop your career, you will learn new programming languages to develop complicated web applications.


UX Designer

Indeed, all the websites and applications built should have particular functionality. Unfortunately, it's not enough to succeed. An app or a website should be convenient to use. UX (user experience) designers are not responsible for making elements look appealing. They are responsible for arranging all the elements in a particular order to create an intuitive and simple-to-use interface. 

There is no need to have the technical expertise or a particular talent to become a UX designer.  However, by learning the UX rules, you can quickly become a specialist in the niche by spending your spare time. Working as a UX designer, you will be required to cooperate with developers, project managers, and UI designers to ensure that your plans can be implemented. 

Quality Assurance Tester

Unfortunately, developers don't release solutions that run smoothly. Usually, they imply a lot of bugs that have to be fixed in the development stage. Therefore, quality assurance testers are highly demanded specialists. They help make sure that released products run without bugs and freezes.

There is no need to be familiar with all the programming languages to become a QA specialist. Also, the learning curve is short, so any student can become a quality assurance tester by applying little effort. In a nutshell, a QA tester has to know how to examine applications and detect any issues that have to be reported. 

Support Specialist

Even though there are a lot of AI chatbots, they can satisfy only the basic inquiries of users. However, when they face serious issues or need technical assistance, support specialists are the only ones who can help. Therefore, the primary requirement for customer care managers in the IT sector is good digital literacy. Nevertheless, some companies need workers to have specific knowledge related to their niches. However, most of them train new staff. 

Therefore, if you're an undergraduate who is good with tech, you can easily start a customer support career and master your skills while in college. To become a great support manager, you need to have fast typing skills and be able to multitask. You have to be ready to help several clients at the moment without compromising on the quality of your assistance.


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