The first dream of every student in college is to get a job soon after graduation. The graduation day finally comes and you begin your job hunt. Several months later, you are still sending applications without any response or you get regrets with every application.

There is nothing wrong with you because the job market is very competitive and you are competing with millions of other graduates. What you need is to put in extra effort to make yourself stand out from the crowd. The following tips will get you to get your first job soon after graduation.

5 Tips for Getting Your First Job After College Graduation

Make your resume adapt to different types of jobs

Your resume might not have a lot of details because you just graduated and have no experience yet. However, you can create it in a way that fits several job fields. It will appear more attractive if you let CV writing service UK professionals do it because they know the right wording and soft skills to include to make your resume stand out.

Instead of creating a career objective, your resume should have a professional summary stating your education level and work ethics. In the summary, you might also write your relevant soft skills and passions.

Another important point is the skills that you learned while in college. If your course was international business management, some of the skills you might have learned in college are the international market, HR skills, customer engagement, and product promotion. Think about any extracurricular activities you got involved in, awards and certificates you received, and volunteer work.

Sign up on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn account might not have much to show to potential employers, but there is always a starting point. To help you have finer details to include in your LinkedIn account, get a CV for graduate jobs from a professional CV writer. They will tweak your CV to make it look detailed and attractive and you can use some of the details in your LinkedIn account.

If you don’t have an account with LinkedIn yet, create one immediately and upload your cover photo. Below the photo, indicate that you are a graduate looking for employment opportunities. Show clearly your course, graduation day, and possibly honors.

Experts advise students to create their LinkedIn accounts while still in college and keep adding skills as years go by. Include your awards, accolades, extra-curricular activities, courses, and anything else that may interest you. If you take any jobs during holidays, or you do part-time jobs while in college, that’s an added experience. 

 Do not stop until you get a job

The fruits of hard work are not only reaped while in college but also the career world. Do not wait until you get employed to start working hard, but start to practice the principles of hard work during your job search.

Go online and research any potential opportunities, and search for jobs, and businesses that might need to hire soon. Although you trained in a specific course, you must be flexible and look beyond your course. Some other fields might take interest in your course even if it doesn’t directly relate to their business.

Do not stop looking for job ads and keep applying as long as you haven’t signed for a job offer with a company. Some companies might not be hiring at the moment, but there could be a probability they might be hiring soon. These are companies like the service industry, retail stores, and the technology industry. Send applications until the day you get a job.

Your resources are a great treasure

Indeed, you don’t have a job yet, but the good news is, you have a lot of resources with you. Use all of them to help you get a job. Back in college, there were those professors that were closer to you. You also had close student friends and these are your first resources to use. Go to them, call, email, or use any other method to contact them.

You might be surprised that one of them had a ready job opening and they help you to get it. Your other resources are your family members, former part-time job employers, and internship managers. Let them know you graduated and are looking for job openings.

Think about the college career centre, college alumni if you have their contacts and any other friends. Do not fear to contact any of them because it could be your chance to get a well-paying job fast. - says Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting.

Grow your network and improve your skills

Networking helps in a big way not only when you are looking for a job, but also in many other things in life. The secret is to network with the right people who can help you rise to your next destination fast. Grow your networks on social media, and build a pool of friends in the business world, the government sector, and the non-profits sector.

To improve your skills, you do not necessarily need to go back to college but what you need is to get busy with some work. As you wait to get employed, get your computer and find out if there is some freelance work you can do in the meantime. For example, you could learn the basics of SEO, as James Ewen, an SEO consultant in London did right after finishing university.

Volunteer to work for a charitable organization or work as an intern in a big tech company. You may also help in the family business and all these activities will help you gain a lot of work skills. 


Although some students get employed the day they graduate, most others struggle to get their first jobs due to competition. Amid great competition in the career market, you can become creative and use different tactics to get a job fast. Make your resume look professional, network with relevant people, and use your resources the best way.


Written by William Nunez, an experienced content creator writer. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America, I am inspired by the people I communicate with. I love my job and constantly develop my skills. New challenges are moving me forward.


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