Christmas is right around the corner, and it is time to find Christmas jobs in London. The British capital really goes all out for the Christmas season, ranging from its fantastic street and store decorations to its Christmas markets. In winter, London is even more packed with crowds of people than usual. Everyone is there to experience the Christmas atmosphere or visiting family and friends and buying presents for their loved ones. This is why if you are searching for a job in London, one of the best seasons to do so is in winter as there are a variety of seasonal markets and many shops needing extra hands for shifts. 

Furthermore, the beauty of finding jobs during Christmastime is that there is a wide range of offers that can suit your interests like retail sales, customer service and transport and logistics. Plus, the majority of these jobs are temporary, part-time, and also they do not require a lot of previous work experience. No matter what, you will definitely find a job that you are interested in and that you can earn some extra cash for those holiday gifts and nights out. Below you can see what kinds of Christmas jobs in London you can apply for.


christmas jobs in London


Christmas retail jobs


  One of the best choices for a job at Christmas is in the retail sector. Christmas retail jobs are extremely popular as shops are buzzing with people looking for presents and shops need as much help as they can get. Also, if you are someone that needs experience, starting your work experience in the retail sector is perfect. You learn a lot of skills which include customer service, the ins and outs of shop operations, doing stock work and cashier work. Furthermore, if you are someone who likes to interact with people or someone who prefers to be behind the scenes, the retail sector offers jobs for both kinds: being on the floor helping customers or in the back dealing with stock. Additionally, getting a Christmas job in retail has a range of benefits like working part-time (flexible hours), workers’ benefits such as getting discounts which are great for that time of year, networking (meeting a lot of people who can expand your network), and, of course, getting paid well. 


Wondering where to apply and find retail jobs for Christmas? A few Christmas retail jobs that you can seek could be: 


  • Marks & Spencers
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Harrods
  • Hamleys
  • Selfridges


Christmas retail jobs are suitable for students that need a temporary job for the holidays. Looking at popular department stores is highly recommended as those are the ones that need hundreds of extra staff during the hectic holidays. 

Winter Wonderland jobs 


If the retail sector does not intrigue you, but you still want to work somewhere during the festive season then apply for Winter Wonderland jobs. In Winter Wonderland, you get the Christmas feel, the smell of delicious treats and the lively ambience that Christmas is all about. Some Winter Wonderland jobs would include: 


  • Game operator: All you have to do is stand or sit behind a stand and let the players play the game.  
  • Ticket seller: organize the tickets and make sure everyone gets in smoothly. 
  • Stock controller:  Make sure all stands are stocked with whatever they need: food, beverages, prizes, toys, etc. 
  • Food and beverage seller: Sign up to any stand which appeals, selling food or drinks to the public. All you need to do is be friendly and have a ready smile for your customers. 
  • Santa’s helper: Help out Santa with the children, distribute candy and keep it organized. 


The beauty about applying for jobs in Winter Wonderland is that they are mostly temporary as Winter Wonderland only occurs in the winter. As well as, you do not have to work the entire day, just shifts, therefore you can choose if you prefer to work in the mornings or evenings. Also, In Winter Wonderland all you need is to have a positive and friendly attitude and be as cheerful as possible. In order to apply, you need to send an email and send them your CV and a good cover letter. And please make sure it is tailored to the job you are applying for. 

Finding Christmas jobs in London is quite competitive. However, it is the best choice for a student looking for something temporary but also for experience and some extra cash for all that seasonal spending. Furthermore, there are many Christmas jobs available in London for students as many people do not want to work during the holiday season and companies need people to fill all those temporary positions. 



Where can I find Christmas jobs in London?


Through our student Job website, you can find different vacancies which you can look through. You can filter your search for whichever type of job you want and also if it’s temporary, part-time, full time or only on weekends. 

Where in London can you find these Christmas jobs?


You can find them all over London, with the big department stores mentioned above in central London and Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s just about everywhere. 


What is a Christmas casual job working at the Royal Mail? 


A casual job at the Royal Mail is working temporarily at the Royal Mail during their busiest time of the year. 

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