In recent years, blogging has become very popular worldwide and today there are thousands of blogs with different niches and purposes. As most bloggers are youngsters, and mostly young people follow them, starting a student blog has a great chance to become successful. 

Starting a blog for students is not that difficult, and if you have passion and desire, great ideas and can actualize them using digital technologies, then you are ready to start. Youngsters like innovations in a world of blogging, you just need to not miss the right time and start doing today. But before starting a student blog, there are some important steps you need to follow, to make your blogging career successful and popular.

8 Simple Ways to Become a Successful Student Blogger

Blogging as a new profession 

As we already mentioned, blogging has become very popular in a few years to such an extent that it is considered a profession. Many students already have their blogs and are running it besides university. Blogging has everything to be considered as a profession; daily activity, planning, partnerships and also making money from it. 

Blogging is connected to digital tools and social media, so if you want to have a new profession, there are some skills you need to learn. In the beginning you may do everything by yourself; writing a scenario, shooting a content, promoting it etc. But if your blog becomes more popular and starts to enjoy the attention of the audience, you can create your creative team and gradually make your blog more professional. 

A new profession is always about effort if you want to succeed. Blogging is not an exception, especially because it's done for a large audience and a big competition. Before starting a career as a blogger you need to know that blogging is about working on a daily basis, always generating fresh ideas, making unique content and promoting your blog in every possible way. So be ready for non-stop work and self-development as a specialist because the blogging world is getting bigger every day and the competition as well. 

By the way, if you have gained enough confidence to start a student blog and want to become one of a kind in a world of blogging, here are some crucial steps to follow.

Eight steps to become a successful student blogger

If you decide to become a student blogger, firstly be sure that you have enough technical skills and  clearly know what you are going to post in your blog. Do some research in the student blog industry and see who your potential competitors are, explore their topics and direction. It will help you avoid being in their shadow and create something unique and relevant only to your audience. Here are eight important steps that will lead you to becoming a popular and successful student blogger. 

1. Choose a blog name and niche 

The very first practical step would probably be choosing a name and niche for your blog. Choosing an appropriate name would be quite challenging as it must be catchy, memorable and reflect the style of your blog. Do research of possible names or do brainstorming if you have a team, as everyone might have their version, and the exchange of ideas may be very effective. It would be better if the name would not be very long so the audience can remember it easily. Try to avoid numbers and symbols, so the things concerning your name would be minimal to confuse. Before choosing your name, remember that it will introduce you on social media platforms and be the main representative of your blog. 

Then, the next step would be a choice of niche. It’s the main topic that will be reflected in your blog, so it’s preferable to stay loyal to your niche. Choosing a niche for blogging is crucial for many purposes: becoming recognizable, ranking on Google, building your target audience, and getting incomes. This will make your activity more profitable in the long run and never be confused with others. After choosing your niche you can’t write whatever you want, it wouldn't lead to the desired result. For a student blog it’s logical to write about students' needs, problems, hobbies and everything that would probably interest them. Over time it will build your target audience and you can make money from it. 

2. Create your blogging website 

You need a platform for your blog, so after deciding a name and niche, choose a proper platform for your blog. Creating a blogging website would be a good decision as you can use many tools here and publish both reading and watching blog content in one place. The success of blogging is highly dependent on the properly chosen platform. To get started on making your blog online, you need a blog hosting service and a blogging software. So strat doing a quick research and WordPress hosting comparison to find the one that is more appropriate for you.

A blog hosting is storing your files and delivering them to the blog users when they are searching for your blog name. You can always opt for a website building platform with built-in hosting capabilities. With, Elementor, for example, you can build a WordPress site without having to write a single line of code. As of 2022, you can leverage its cloud hosting feature, and manage every aspect of your site through the WordPress website builder. There are many web hosting services but you can choose the fastest wordpress hosting to make your blog work smarter and faster. Then, if your blog hosting software is ready, you can insert a chatbot on the website and make real-time conversations with your users to help them navigate on the blog easier and have the answers to all their questions.

3. Make a content plan 

Before running a blog, make sure you know what content you should post on your blog. Making a content plan beforehand will help you make your blog more organized and the quality of content will be better. As you plan your content, you will clearly know when you will post a certain content, what it will look like and what it will include (photos, gifs, videos etc). For example, if Black Friday is on the next friday, you should prepare your Black Friday campaign beforehand, so the readers of your blog be informed in advance what sales or promotions there are in the market. 

Content management is crucial, so your blog will look very professional and tidy, users would get pleasure while being on your blog and enjoy the content created carefully. Especially if your blog has a certain direction, and specializes in student specific content, you should always be aware of student lifestyle, make notes about interesting topics, talk to students and gather maximum information about students’ needs, hobbies, issues and other. 

4. Create appealing content 

After planning your content, it’s time to create it! Content creation is the key part in running a blog, so try to make it regularly, appealing and relevant to your blog niche. Don’t copy others and make your content unique, so it will help you stand out from the competition over time. Choose such topics that will allow you to introduce in a creative way and use different visual content that will make it more attractive and absorbing. 

The content about students and their lifestyle is catchy, not so long, sometimes funny and visually appealing. You can also run a podcast production with very interesting topics related to student life and involve students in it. They should really wait for your blog posts and share it with each other and even discuss some topics. To make cool content and spread it through your audience, you can use many digital tools and social media platforms. 

5. Take advantage of social media platforms 

In recent years, social media has become a very powerful platform for promoting your business or other activities. So, you can trust the promotion of your blog to social media platforms. Having social media accounts is a must, especially when your blog is a student blog. Students spend a lot of time on social media, so it will be a good way to be popular and introduce your content to the target audience. As a result, social media helps you connect with your audience, be available for a larger audience and make communication better.

It’s not necessary to have accounts on all social media platforms; having two or three accounts may be more effective and useful, if they are appropriate to your blog and reachable for the audience. The most important part is to follow social media trends and promote your blog posts or do other posts on social media accounts being up-to-date. Social media platforms can also give an opportunity to receive feedback from your readers and be able to improve your blogs’ quality. 

6. Provide proper security

As a blog owner, it’s crucial to provide website security, both for your blog’s life and for the audience's digital security. Blog is a good target for cyber attackers and they can steal personal information, so protecting a blog’s security is one of the important things for successful blogging. For the first step of securing your blog, choose a protected and verified WiFi network connection while working on the blog. Because if the wifi network is public, it’s more vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. 

Always use backup tools for your blog, to save the whole information on it and be ready for critical situations. There are tools which automatically do backup for your blog daily. Even if hackers may steal information from your blog, you will have it backed up and can restore it easily. 

7. Monetize your blog 

Blogging can also become a source of finance if you carefully plan content, monitor the traffic, create ad campaigns, do investments and not only. First of all, use affiliate marketing which is considered to be the most effective way for blog monetization. You can promote and sell the other company’s products on your blog and make a profit from it. But to get organic sales process and profit from it, you must choose products that are appropriate to your niche and topics. 

Use email marketing and send your customers email newsletters introducing new products on your blog. This must be relevant to your blog niche, in this case the student life or products that will interest youngsters. The products can also be services or courses appropriate for students.  

When talking about money and finance, it’s so important to be sure about safety and speed. Platforms like Paypal and Stripe are not available worldwide and the fees are not always small. In such cases  cryptocurrencies can come to help, they  have been proven to be one of the  safest ways for money transactions, time-saving and less commission fees during transactions. In the blogging sphere it can also be beneficial, and the monetizing process can be done by the cryptocurrencies. If you are already using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, you might also need  a Crypto Tracker app and always have control over your finances. This will help to earn  the money for your blog-posts  in the form of cryptocurrencies and don’t overthink about money losses. 

8. Choose your target audience

The target audience of your student blog is more than obvious. Students and the university community are the main target audience of your blog site. That means that your whole activity should be created around them, their interests and issues. The more students are interested to be a part of your blog and enter it, the more likely you are to get higher traffic on your website and reach popularity among the target audience, also engaging new readers over time.

Try to say something new and teach your readers, as they are students and even the entertaining blog must contain educational content. Your target audience should feel like a special community gathered all around one purpose and on one platform.

How to stand out from other student bloggers?

There are probably many student blogs, but the purpose is to become a leader among competitors and stand out. In that case, you may become one and only for your target audience and satisfy all their needs. Create unique content that will be visually appealing and don’t copy your competitors. Besides that, if your blog content is fully relevant to your niche and is always preparing something new for users, you can become an industry leader. Here are the most important tips to follow to succeed as a student blogger.

Don’t copy the content of others

One of the crucial things to consider when blogging is to not copy other bloggers and create unique content. As your blog should be a student blog, your audience will notice copied content in a short time and will leave your blog immediately. Copying the content of others should only appear in a very funny situation and lose a chance to become an industry leader. 

Speak in a language of students

As you are going to create a student blog, your content should be generally around your target audience. So the blog content should be very light, interesting for students, challenging and up-to-date. Talking about scientific topics on your blog probably wouldn’t interest your readers. Instead of that, you can write about university exam life hacks or how to improve your grades. 

Follow news and innovations

Students generally are youngsters, and that means that they love being informed about trends and innovations. So, if you want your blog to be successful you need to make it more up-to-date and run a blog using social media trends, write about innovations and never miss news. So keep your hand on the pulse and don’t miss an opportunity to satisfy your audience. 


To sum up, nowadays blogging is a very challenging but fascinating profession. If you have already decided to become a student blogger, you need to be ready in terms of technical skills and creative thinking. There are many opportunities to become a successful student blogger and even make money from it. It’s just enough to follow the advice mentioned in this article and have a strong motivation to do all the things done.

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