Christmas is known to be a very expensive season, especially for a student as one pays for presents and go out with friends. That is why getting a Christmas job in Manchester will help your economic situation. A Christmas job can have many benefits as Christmas jobs are temporary jobs. The beauty of having a Christmas job is that you don’t have to work the 9 to 5 routine as most Christmas jobs are flexible, temporary and you earn a fair amount of money.

Manchester is filled with a unique Christmas spirit and therefore finding a job might be quite simple. Christmas jobs in Manchester can range from a variety of things like working for a delivery company, bar or in hospitality or even do some event work. So why not find a Christmas job in Manchester just to gain some experience, add to your CV, and earn a few quid to spend on your free time?


Weekend Christmas jobs


Many Christmas jobs are mostly weekend jobs which can be ideal for a student that wants to do both, have a social life but also work. Some ideas for weekend Christmas jobs can be:

Tutoring online: Tutoring online is really easy, You do not even need any qualifications, the


only thing you need is a language that you are native in and make a profile online to earn money by teaching either a language or a subject that you know to other students who have the time over the holidays to learn. With online tutoring you can also be your own boss in terms of when you want to work, making your schedule flexible.

Wait/bar staff: Becoming a member of the wait staff or bar staff you do not need previous experience as the restaurant or bar that you apply to will provide you with training.

Customer service: A customer service job can also be another option for a weekend Christmas job, plus the positive side is that you get to work from home and all you need do is answer calls throughout the day. Again, no qualifications needed, only a phone!

Do not hesitate to sign up for these weekend Christmas jobs! There are many options for you to choose from, whether you prefer working from home or doing in person jobs. Additionally, these weekend Christmas jobs can really help you gain some skills for future jobs but also it allows you to have some spending money of your own during these hard times.


 Holiday nanny jobs

Tis the season when schools close, families get together and celebrate the ultimate holiday of the year: Christmas. However, after a while parents need a break from their children as they are also trying to enjoy their Christmas holidays and as we all know kids can be quite a handful. This is why applying to nanny jobs for the holidays can be very convenient for both, someone looking for a job and parents who need that break from their overexcited little ones. Being a holiday nanny can be loads of fun, especially if you are someone who loves kids. All you need to do is entertain them by playing games, watch their favorite movies, take them out for walks, etc.

Being a holiday nanny is not a full time job. With the parents you can discuss your availability and when you can work and also debate how much you want to get paid per hour depending on how many children you are expected to take care of. Here are some tips that you may need to know beforehand: First, do not negotiate an unreasonable amount per hour, something like 10-15 pounds an hour is a good amount to ask for. Unless you are working for long amount of time, lets say 6-8 hours, then you will have to think of how much you want to get paid per day. Second, make sure you prepare all the activities you will do with the kids you are taking care of, so you do not find yourself in a “what should I do next” situation as it will come across that you are unorganized. Some activities that you can do with children are: watching a Christmas movie, doing arts and crafts, baking tasty goodies, etc.


Lastly, always have a positive attitude.

These examples for some Christmas jobs in Manchester that you can apply to can really help you save up for either the upcoming sales, for going out with friends or even presents for your family. Every student needs some extra pocket money just to feel a bit of independence. So go and apply to these Christmas jobs in Manchester!








What are some casual Christmas jobs for students?

Most common casual Christmas jobs can be babysitting, working at a cafe or bar, tutoring online, delivery driver, dog walker or working at a Christmas fair!


How can I make my CV more professional?

Through our website Studentjob UK, you can find a blog on how to write a well structured CV.


Where can I find Christmas jobs in Manchester?

Through our studentJob Uk website, you can find many more jobs that fit your requirements. All you have to do is register on our website which will give you an extensive range of jobs that you can go through and apply to easily.










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