Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it is that one time in a year when all couples celebrate their love. However, as students we need to find cheap Valentine's Day ideas but still make it memorable. In many girls' minds, they envision Valentine's Day to be a really special occasion which is why it could be hard for students to meet certain standards to make Valentine's Day extraordinary but on a budget: romance on the cheap.  To be completely honest, it is not about how much you spend on your partner on Valentine's Day; what truly matters is the effort, the creativity and the intention behind it. There are so many ways to make Valentine's Day extra special and unforgettable for your partner and manage to do it without breaking the bank! 

Let's first start off with some cheap Valentine's Day ideas for students. You want to make sure that your day is thoroughly planned, does not have to be filled with a bunch of activities but can also have things to do that can be fun for both you and your partner. Some activities that hardly need money can be: 


  • Breakfast in bed: set your alarm and get up early to make your partner a nice breakfast in bed! You can make anything you and your partner like for breakfast and serve it on a tray for your partner to wake up with a smile on his or her face.  You can make a heart-shaped card and place it with a flower on the tray or maybe even add a side of chocolate kisses!
  • Go on a walk or a hike: After breakfast, go for a long stroll in a park or through the woods and enjoy nature. It is the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company and leave your phones behind or fully off. 
  • Do a skincare routine: After a long walk, the best way to feel clean is to do a nice facial. Grab a face mask and relax! 
  • Go on a picnic: What's better than going on a nice picnic? Make lunch for both of you and find a nice place for a midday repast. However, if it's raining, you can always create an indoor tent with pillows and blankets and take your picnic inside! It’s both an activity and a cute little hut where you can spend the rest of the day eating and watching movies together. 
  • Bake: baking cookies, cupcakes or a cake with a Valentine’s Day theme will be so fun, especially if you do it together as a couple activity. 
  • Make some fondue and watch a movie: to end the night you can get some fruit and melt some chocolate and enjoy it while watching a cosy rom-com. 

Hopefully, this list of some cheap Valentine’s Day ideas for students will give you some ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day for you and your partner. 


Cheap Valentine's day gifts 

Coming up with cheap Valentine's Day gifts is not as easy as it seems. You probably don't want to spend a lot of money on a gift but you still want to create a sentimental and valuable gift. But how?, you may ask, well I’m here to help. 

Let's start off with cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him. A nice DIY Valentine’s Day gift can be made like this: get a jar and a bunch of paper and write 365 reasons why you love him (so he can read one each and every day). Or create a box full of all the snacks that he likes or little things he likes (you can also decorate the box and put cute photos of both of you on the box). Lastly, in a box, you make envelopes (make sure you have enough envelopes that add up to how many months you have been together) and in each envelope put a memory, a small gift or an inside joke that represents that month with him. 

And now, Valentine's Day gifts for her. Even though it might seem that girls like materialistic things, it is not always true. If you give us something thoughtful and memorable, we will value that a lot more than something that costs a lot. Some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for her could be: print out the locations of the places where you met, your first date and your first kiss and under each screenshot write the location and the date and frame it. Or you can also make a small box so when she opens it a bunch of pictures of both of you pop out, like a memory book. Lastly, again get a box and on the inside part of the lid of the box decorate it with pictures of the both of you together and then fill the box with a personalized poem/letter from you to her, candles, her favourite snacks,a  few roses, nice chocolates, bath bombs, facial creams, i.e., little things that she would like and use daily! 

Coming up with cheap Valentine’s Day gifts can be quite hard and that is why you have to use your imagination. But remember, it's the thought that counts!


Romantic meal ideas

Struggling with romantic meal ideas for Valentine's Day?  If you keep reading, you will find some romantic but cheap ideas for a romantic meal for two      

  • Shrimp scampi 
  • Sushi
  • Risotto 
  • Cheese fondue 


And for dessert: 

  • Lava cake
  • Brownies 
  • Creme Brulee 
  • Tiramisu 
  • Red velvet cupcakes
  • Chocolate covered strawberries 


Once you have figured out what to cook for dinner, you can top off your romantic meal for two at home with some decor:

  • Table cloth 
  • Candles
  • Red roses in a nice vase 
  • Petals on the floor 
  • Dimmed lights 
  • Background music 

Romantic meal ideas for two to cook at home can be very easy to do. All you need is to search out a recipe that you can follow and make sure you have all the ingredients. Making a romantic meal can include three courses: starter, main course and dessert. So there are so many romantic meal ideas that you can whip up for your partner and you! Plus, adding those finishing touches such as the décor can make the dinner seem like a romantic night in Paris! 

Hopefully, providing you with all these ideas for a cheap Valentine’s Day for students will ease your mind more and decrease the stress. But don't forget, do not put too much pressure on yourself because after all Valentine's Day is to celebrate your love for one another. 




How can I surprise my boyfriend on Valentine's Day? 

There are so many things you can do to surprise your boyfriend such as sending surprise gifts, making a surprise candlelight dinner, planning a fun activity like skating or horseback riding!

What are some ideas to do on Valentine's Day? 

Some ideas that you can do are: eat a nice yet affordable dinner at a London restaurant, recreate your first date, stay in a hotel, go on a day trip to a nice town nearby.

What can I do for Valentine's Day during a lockdown? 

Just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you cannot come up with something fun. You can create a home spa experience, use the outdoor space you have to your advantage, make an indoor tent, or do a fun cooking/baking activity. 

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