Finally got the courage to apply for that dream student job that will not only give you financial security but also provide you with great experiences and skills for your future?

Great, now let’s get that resume shining, ready for the application!

Here is which errors are usually on our resumes, according to an OfficeNeedle study, that could be easy to fix for a better chance at landing a job interview.

Fix Your Resume With These 5 Tips For A New Start In 2022

1. Grammar mistakes and typos

These are not a good look on any written piece, especially a document you use to show your expertise when applying for a job. According to research that included 2800 businesses, three in four employers reject an applicant who sends in an application full of grammar and typing errors. 

This is fairly easy to fix, however. For starters, proofread the sentences. Reading out loud will also help to see if there are any grammatical errors inside. If you are not sure about something, you can always consult a friend or a colleague. Two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

2. Writing a resume longer than two pages

Most students won’t think to do this unless they already have a lot of experience and skills to include in their resume. If you do, good job, and if not, do not worry, your time will come!

However, resumes longer than two pages are usually not necessary. In fact, 57% of hiring managers and employers might reject an application that is longer than two pages. Usually, everything that should be on your resume should fit on one page. If you have more than 5 years of experience, then it can be longer than a page. Otherwise, stick to one. 

Only include things that are related to the job position you are applying for. This is also very important, as around half of businesses might reject your application if it is not tailored to the position you are applying for. A resume tailored to the job position you are applying for should show that you have the required skills and knowledge. When addressing those, consult the requirements laid out in the job advert, and do not forget to research the company to see how your addition to the team could help the company and the business. 

Finally, do not make a very long resume as businesses do not spend a lot of time reading them. After all, one in four takes under one minute to read a resume before moving on to the next one. 

3. Addressing accomplishments and impacts

One main thing about a resume is that it should help you advertise your skills and what you have accomplished so far. Remember this when you start to list your tasks and responsibilities, as they are not the key to your resume. Instead, you should show your potential employer why they should choose just you. 

This is an important component of the resume, and 43% of the polled employers stated they want job candidates to show their accomplishments and impacts in the resume. To do so, you should use numbers and figures and quantify your impacts. Instead of simply listing what your responsibilities and tasks are at a job, show how you made an impact on the business by doing what was asked and expected of you. 

4. Listing your roles in the wrong order

If you are uncertain about which roles to put at the top of your list, make sure it is the latest role you had at a job. According to more than six in 10 of those who took part in the survey, they want you to show your latest roles first and in most detail. 

Why do employers want to see it like this? By putting your latest role at the top, it is easy for them to consider what your latest skills are. Besides listing your roles from the latest to the oldest in the experience section, also list your education history from the latest to oldest. 

5. Using too many fonts and styles

Last but not least, take care of how your resume looks aesthetically. Make sure it is not a mess of different font styles, colors, and sizes. According to 46% of businesses, employers might reject your resume if you use more than one font in it. 

Make sure to put important stuff in bullet points, do not use more than one font on the same page, and make a distinction between different sections of the CV. Likewise, ensure that you have used some of the keywords from the job advert, but do not overstuff the text with them to the point it sounds unnatural. 


Once you have read through your resume and identified any of these mistakes, going about fixing them should be easy enough. Make sure to make the resume easy to read, without too many keywords and without typos and grammar mistakes. Also, make sure to highlight what your accomplishments in the business world are so far. Good luck with applying and all the best for your new job!

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