An audience is immediately captivated by videos. Video presentations are often an excellent start to a presentation. It is precisely what the audience needs to Wake Up and pay attention to the presenter. They appeal to all types of learners and teaching styles. 84% of marketers report that video content is effective in generating leads. There is no better way to convert viewers into customers than video marketing, but it is not easy. Adding videos in between the presentation slides will help keep your audience engaged in your presentation, as visuals transmit information faster than words.

How to Leverage the Power of Video Content to Make Your Presentations Stand Out

7 ways to leverage the power of video content

So let us have a look at how to leverage the power of video content to make your presentation a unique one:

1. It saves you so much time!

Creating an excellent presentation is a time-consuming process. It requires hours of writing long text to make a slide that imparts your meaning to the audience. The use of video content in your presentation can save a lot of time for yourself and your audience. It will help you communicate more with your audience and keep them active during the presentation. The reason is that reading long texts or listening to someone for long hours exhausts us and takes time. 

Next time, in the slideshow, use more video content and less text to keep the audience from getting sleepy.

2. It adds interest and emotional connection to your presentation

Great presenters make you feel emotionally involved in what they are talking about, even if you have little knowledge of the topic at hand. Video helps build an emotional connection. Our brain perceives more visual content. Long texts in slideshows bore the audience. We all have been there. Videos can capture complex abstract concepts and convey them to the audience. By evoking an emotional reaction, you can hold their attention for an extended period and have a substantial impact on their engagement.

3. Relevant illustrations get attention and retain memory

Humans have a short attention span. It becomes a difficult task to gather attention when there are many distractions. Adding some videos to your slideshow can grab their attention quickly with the best slideshow maker tool . Once you get their attention, make sure they remember your message. Adding relevant illustrations to the slideshow through videos can help retain their memory for a longer time.

Video illustrations help the audience to understand the context to a better extent. It can help a person to know what he has to do.

4. Formula to approach a diverse population 

When you have to present to a group with social diversity, What is your move to make everyone understand your message at once?.

A video can help you with this. Add a video in the slideshow to explain your message. Visuals can do more than words. It helps to engage a diverse population at a single time. Your activities will appeal to an extended range of audiences and make a lasting impact regardless of language barriers.

5. Add spice with funny content

There are times when the presentation becomes monotonous, and you see everyone yawning. It gets frustrating to keep the energy level high at this time. You may need to break the ice before your audience pays you any attention. Make your opening statement a funny one. Add fun elements in between the slides. It keeps the energy level high in the audience, and they pay more attention to the slideshow. Everybody loves to have some fun. Funny videos that may relate to your content can easily make them laugh. 

You will also see a difference in your energy when your audience is high on energy. So it’s a win-win.

6. A spike in sales

Video content in your slideshow presentation can boost the effect on the buyer to a certain extent. The potential buyers can learn about your brand effectively when seen in a video format. They are more likely to understand its operations and benefits through a video illustration. 

Statistics show an increase in purchase intent of potential buyers when they see the presentation that has video illustrations of the product.

7. Go creative

You get a chance to use your creativity to the fullest. It takes a creative mind to use a video in the correct place. This enhances the engagement of the audience.

Key takeaways:

  • Video content enhances the overall experience of a presentation.
  • It saves writing and speaking time. 
  • It enhances the logical understanding of the audience.
  • It can increase the purchase intent of buyers.
  • Videos help retain the memory of people to a greater extent.
  • It may induce an emotional connection in the audience.
  • It keeps the attention of the audience active.
  • Fun videos can bring energy levels up

Additionally, you can try adding text to your videos using an auto subtitle generator to further engage your audience.


The power of video content is essential to make your presentation stand out. Videos help the audience to connect themselves to the content and understand it better. With various Online Slideshow Makers, it has become easy to make presentations with video content. Besides the video content increasing your credibility, it also helps raise awareness among people as it connects to real life. Show an eye-catching video presentation to your client, and their interest to buy your product would multiply. 

It is the power of video content that you can leverage. We hope this article helps you to ace your next presentation.

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