How often did you finish an essay only to find the whole writing took you more time than expected? Late essays are a big ‘no-no’ in college surroundings. You lose points and instantly fail the subject. How to avoid the deadline catastrophe? Use your smartphone or a laptop. Find apps for writing faster and download them. Most tools are compatible with Android and IoS or have a desktop version. 

Don’t know where to start your pursuit for a perfect writing app? Check the list of writing tools that help write faster from our experts below.

Paper Writing Help: Use These 7 Apps To Finish Your Essays Faster


What is a Writing App and Why Use It? 

No, a paper writing app is not an app that writes an essay while you’re chilling with your friends. Sure, such tools are in progress, and IT specialists have been developing them for decades. Fueled by AI, such a tool will write texts in the future yet save students’ time on composing essays. Until such an app enters the world of education, a paper writing help on essays will come from the apps that already exist.

Reasons to Use a Writing App

  • It sparks creativity and inspiration;
  • An app eliminates sources of distraction and tracks your writing progress;
  • A writing app detects grammar and punctuation mistakes and fixes them;
  • It also detects plagiarism and cites the sources you used for the analysis;
  • An app improves your writing style in general.

Types of Writing Apps

  • ‘Get-that-job-done’ app. This app will help you focus on the essay writing process while reducing the number of distracting factors. Some block social media notifications while others block phone calls; 
  • Note-taking apps. Got a lightbulb moment? Use an app to write down your ideas and work on them later;
  • Editing and proofreading apps. These apps help a student chisel their writing style and create error-free texts.

1. Dragon Dictation

Tired of those click-clacking sounds your keyboard makes? Take a break and speak up. This app writes down everything you pronounce. The built-in AI allows a student to save their writing efforts without asking for additional paper writing help. Even lawyers use the tool to enhance their documentation processing. 

Why choose Dragon Dictation?

  • If you’re an extravert with a zest for talking, use Dragon Dictation. Obviously, some people organize their thoughts better when speaking; 
  • Sometimes, college assignments drain your energy away. Meanwhile, Dragon Dictation restores it by suggesting you a new way to complete the tasks;
  • The app saves your time since it does all the draft work instead of you. 

2. Writefull

This tool has been created specifically for editing one’s scientific writing. The app revises your essays and articles in a blink of an eye. The best part of the tool is its in-built scientific language models. This means that the app suggests edits according to the requirements of scientific writing. 

Why choose Writefull?

  • It will teach you the right structure of sentences in academic writing;
  • The app will improve your scientific vocabulary;
  • It’s a perfect AI ‘teacher’ in writing if you specialize in studies like Biology or Chemistry. 

3. Google Keep

A note-taking application which allows a user to register their thoughts quickly. All info you enter into the app is backed up in Google Drive. With this free tool, you can also make to-do lists and store them. Or any other list which comes into your mind.

Why choose Google Keep?

  • It provides paper writing help by converting images into text. The same works for PDF files if you need to convert them into the text too;
  • The tool is colorful and has a user-friendly design.

4. FocusWriter

This powerful tool is all about writing statistics. Too tired to count your words at the end of each paragraph? Install FocusWriter! The app has a live statistics feature, yet you can always stay informed of the word count. The tool also has an in-built spelling checker. It builds your writing statistics and proofreads the text. Sound great, right?
Why choose FocusWriter?

  • The statistics keep you informed of the writing progress;
  • It has a hide-away background and colorful themes;
  • Oh, don’t forget the spelling checker.

Paper Writing Help: Use These 7 Apps To Finish Your Essays Faster

5. Cite This For Me

We don’t understand why professors think that memorizing all formatting styles is easy. It’s easy to remember how APA differs from MLA. But when it comes to the exact order of citation elements, the citing process is torture. That’s why using an app for citing is the best paper writing help a student can get.

Why use Cite This For Me?

  • The tool knows everything about formats; 
  • It has a database of sources that have already been cited. Sometimes, you can find your source by simply entering its name; 
  • The app provides a perfect organization to your bibliography. 

6. Forest

Another focus-building app that can increase your attention span. Once you start working, build a virtual tree and set the time you need to stay focused. If you stop working before the set deadline, your tree dies. If nothing interrupts your work, the tree grows. 

Why choose Forest?

  • The app’s creators invest money in real tree planting globally;
  • The app reminds you of a good old indie game;
  • The tool is colorful and easy to navigate.

7. Grammarly

Which list of writing apps goes without Grammarly? None of them. All because Grammarly provides efficient paper writing help to students. The app is a spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker. All in one. The best feature? It’s free.

Why consider Grammarly?

  • The best editing and proofreading app ever;
  • Has an in-built plagiarism checker;
  • Checks the sentence length and punctuation;
  • Improves one’s writing style;
  • The company’s ad will put a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts

A student can benefit from the app store on their electronic devices. By downloading a superb app, you increase your writing speed. Tools also ensure the high quality of your essay and timely task submission. All in all, you benefit from technology once you learn which apps to use.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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