As a rule, all virtual exams are like nightmares for most students. You have to connect to an educational site and answer a series of questions by choosing one or more correct options. In some cases, you will even have to write an answer based on your knowledge. But imagine that you need to analyze dozens of topics in a couple of days. Are you ready for such a grueling marathon? You will probably ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? I should hire someone to take my exam!" In this case, you should think about a backup plan.

Surely you can have dozens of reasons why you cannot cope with your mission. I am more than sure that you will do the right thing if you choose any web exam helper. But what are the main selection criteria, and what should you pay attention to? I recommend that you always look at the reviews and the overall site's reputation. In addition, you should analyze the pricing policy, guarantees, and experience of the so-called exam experts. At the same time, I understand that not all first-year students can analyze dozens of criteria independently. That is why I decided to present the best online exam help services to help you avoid academic problems. Fasten your seat belts as we start our journey!

Best Online Exam Help Services 2022

1. – The Best Value for Money

Surely you have heard about this legendary company at least once. The fact is that Speedypaper has been an industry leader for many years and is an example of how affordable prices and the professionalism of experts can transform into high grades. I think $1.1 per question is a great price for assistance with multiple tests. In addition, I tested this site, and I know that you should not worry about the final result. Don't be afraid to contact support agents and say, "I need to hire someone to take my online exam." As a rule, these guys are really fast and will never leave you in the lurch.

It is a legit company ready to offer students emergency academic assistance. Let's say you're in a hurry and need assistance within half an hour. Just tell the support agents something like, "I need an online exam help!" These guys will be able to help you in no time. I appreciated that Speedypaper offers the best value for money among most companies. These guys understand that students are not millionaires and are not ready to pay thousands of dollars for outside help.

If you are a freshman, you should know that Speedypaper is the right place to ask for help. Their support agents ask many questions and offer alternative ways to solve academic problems. You need to say, "I require online exam help for me fast." At this stage, you will be offered multiple solutions to your problem. Surely you will be glad to know that your money will not be wasted. This company never makes empty promises!

In addition, this service provides a user-friendly interface because many first-year students do not know how to place an order on such sites. Just a couple of clicks, and you can delegate any task. Say no to giant online forms and lengthy dialogues with support agents. These guys have done everything so that you should not waste time in vain. Every student will appreciate such a professional approach.


  • Accessible prices 
  • Sterling online reputation
  • Very helpful support agents
  • Complete anonymity


  • Irritating pop-ups

2. – The Quality Everyone Deserves

I usually don't praise any site too much, but Essaymarket is the exception. The fact is that this legit company made an indelible impression on me. First of all, I want to note that the website is very user-friendly, and you don't have to spend more than a couple of seconds to activate the online chat. In addition, support agents respond very quickly. Text them something like, "Hi guys. I want to pay someone to take my online exam. I only have 30 minutes so find me an expert, please!"

Since I have tested dozens of services on this site, I know what I am talking about. The fact is that this company always puts the quality of services above all else. Surely you can't even imagine how much attention the company's experts pay even to the smallest details. In addition, writers always clarify all the requirements and the format of the exams. These guys even suggested that I use TeamViewer to connect to my desktop remotely. As you can see, your professor will never guess that you have asked online exam help experts for academic assistance.

Surely you will be surprised, but their order form is very short. The site team has developed a set of key questions that are important for them to get started. They did everything so that each student could quickly delegate tasks and not worry about grades. Another plus is that you can always track the status of your task. Feel free to ask questions because the support agents are very friendly and ready to give a helping hand anytime you require urgent assistance. Surely affordable prices are also a big plus every student should know about. But I'm sure you should choose this site because of the guaranteed high grades.

Since I wrote a detailed Essaymarket review, I know that this company is committed to self-improvement every day. Moreover, the experts aim to ensure that each of your exams is no longer a source of stress for you. They provide online exam help services regardless of your academic level. So this is very important because many companies focus exclusively on college students. These guys analyze each question and give the most detailed answer. I don't even see any reason why they could make a mistake.


  • Affordable prices
  • Professional writers 
  • Helpful support agents
  • 100% privacy guaranteed


  • No first-time discount codes
  • Few EssayMarket reviews

3. – When the Deadline Is No Longer Your Problem!

Usually, students hate tight deadlines, as they are a direct source of panic. That is why I believe that Papercoach is one of the best companies for delegating your academic tasks because these guys can get through your exams very quickly. Contact their support agents and describe your problem in detail. As a rule, you will need no more than five minutes to discuss all the details. Just get in touch with their experts and say something like, "I need your online exam help now!" This company will not let you down because they employ experts knowledgeable in various fields. A good result is guaranteed if you count on their assistance. 

As for standard academic papers, they can handle your order in six hours. But if you require exam assistance, you can discuss all the details in advance so that the examiners can access your student account or online form in time. I tested this site several times, and I am sure these guys always meet deadlines. Moreover, I didn't even have to control any processes because the experts did their job flawlessly. In addition, I know that this is a real company that is registered in the USA. You don't have to spend time searching the Internet or asking questions like, "Is online exam help legit? Can I trust this company?"

I am also very pleased that the company spent a lot of time on a detailed description of all guarantees, rights, and options for students. Surely you will be happy to count on a 100% refund or free revisions. These guys are so confident in their professionalism that they are not afraid of such statements. I would immediately tell them, "Can I pay someone to do my exam if I have academic problems?" Papercoach also guarantees anonymity and timely delivery, as not all students have a lot of time. I'm glad no professor finds out that students decide to pay for exams. About ten years ago, such a trick seemed impossible to me, but Papercoach has destroyed my illusions.

However, I am glad that modern students have many alternative options for solving their academic problems. These guys can also remotely connect to your computer, especially if you're forced to answer questions at home. And I am once again glad that this service provides a friendly pricing policy. Surely any student does not like to spend a lot of money, so you should know about the best options in advance. Thanks to this company, you will be able to solve your academic problems and not spend hundreds of dollars.


  • Excellent reputation
  • Affordable prices
  • Clear guarantees and refund policy


  • Foreign support agents
  • No information about their location

4. – Extremely Low Prices for Academic Services

This company blew my mind! The fact is that these guys are only asking $0.70 for one multiple-choice question. Have you ever seen such a low price? In addition,  this online exam help service works around the clock, so you can count on their assistance any time you feel like this is a dead end. Now you can ask for help even if you forgot to take an online exam during the day. Moreover, I have tested this service several times, and I can confidently say that you will not find a lower price. Besides, it needs to be mentioned that these guys are real professionals. They spend almost no time choosing the right answers.

Another plus of this online helper is patient support agents. I asked them hundreds of questions like, "Can you take my exam for me online? Can you guarantee me an A grade? How quickly can your experts handle my order?" Surely any person would go crazy with so many questions. However, support agents patiently answered even strange and illogical questions. It even seems that the company hires psychologists to answer the questions of the most curious customers. No doubt, this online exam help service is worth your attention.

Did you know that you have a chance to pay even less despite the affordable prices? You can count on a welcome discount if you contact support agents and say, "Hi! Can you take my online exam? And can I get a discount? I'm not ready to say anything about the maximum discount, but I was able to save money and even ordered additional services on the site. You may also be able to experience the benefits of using the services of this company.

I tested this site to see how well the experts understand multiple topics. Luckily, all my orders were fulfilled. Moreover, I enjoyed inspecting the results. These guys are talented because they answer questions faster than many professors. You should keep this in mind if you decide to place an order. In any case, support agents will wait while you explain the details to them.


  • Ultra affordable prices
  • The real US and UK experts
  • Patient support agents
  • Clear refund policy


5. – When Good Experts Worth Their Weight in Gold! is a well-known writing service for English-speaking students. Moreover, it is one of the best online exam help services and a useful site for those who do not like to craft papers. The company is ready to help every student with multiple choice questions and web exams. But you can also order essays, research papers, article reviews, and even a capstone project.

Suppose you are in a hurry or not ready to do your assignments yourself. The company's experts are ready to craft most of your papers in six hours. All you need is to contact support agents. Tell them something like, "I'm ready to pay someone to take my online exam." Such a step will guarantee your peace of mind and high grades.

I analyzed many Reddit forums, Telegram channels, and student sites to learn more about the reputation of this company. Many people choose because of the good team of writers. I became interested in learning more about these guys and tested some of their services. As a result, I discovered that this company has a team of qualified experts with Masters' and Ph.D. degrees. Their knowledge covers many subjects and topics.

In addition, many students praise writers for meeting deadlines. Timely delivery is one of the main aspects I have seen in almost every review. In addition, I spent about a week finding out how competent patient support agents are. They are ready for questions like, "Can I pay someone to take my online exam?" These guys answered about a dozen of my questions and were quite friendly. Anyway, I didn't have to wait 10-15 minutes for each answer.

If you want to delegate your paper or web exam, you must go through a simple order form. Select the type of assignment, subject, and topic and specify all requirements. By the way, you can count on free amendments, bibliography, outline, and formatting. In addition, I found a clear refund policy, which indicates the company's willingness to return the money if customers are not satisfied with the order. This aspect is important for most people who do not want to wait weeks for a decision by the so-called QA team.


  • Solid writing quality
  • Wide range of services
  • User-friendly website
  • VIP service available


  • Small discounts
  • No profiles on social media

6. QuillBot

Who wouldn't want to create authoritative, engaging written content that fosters the factors required for success in a world where millions of postings are generated online every day and the number is constantly growing? It is not enough to write content and publish it on a website. There are a few pointers that can help you improve the quality and quantity of your writing. You want to make sure you use the right words and find the right language, tone, and style for any occasion. Whether you're writing emails, essays, or social media posts, QuillBot can help with productivity-boosting tools like a Paraphraser, grammar checker, summarizer, plagiarism checker and much more.

QuillBot is ideal for any writing project because it works with you at every stage of the writing process. From idea generation to drafting, editing to plagiarism detection, summarising your work to an all-in-one AI writing assistant, this suite of tools sets you up for success.

Learning and applying knowledge is more important than mechanical aspects of writing. QuillBot aims to automate these necessary tasks in order to augment your language. Now you can concentrate on what you write rather than how you should write it.

7. Prepostseo  A Set of tools to help you with Online Exams

Prepostseo is a versatile platform with hundreds of tools. Among these tools, there are also some that can help in online exams. You can consider the plagiarism checker, summarizing tool, readability checker, spelling checker, etc. as utilities that can help students to perform well in online exams.

With the plagiarism-checking tool of Prepostseo, a student can find any sort of similarity in his content. plagiarism in online exams is unbearable and may cause failure. While talking about other utilities like grammar checking, summarizing, readability checking, and spell checking also help in online exams.

The grammar checker finds and eliminates grammar mistakes, the summarizer helps in generating summaries, the plagiarism checker helps in detecting copied content, the readability checker can check the readability of content, and the spell checker can detect any kind of misspelled words. Overall, Prepostseo can really help students in enhancing their content for online exams.


  • Freely available
  • Fast and accurate
  • Multiple tools that can help online exams
  • No sign up required


  • Contains ads
  • Output may include minor errors sometimes


Summing Up

Surely you want me to reveal the secret and tell you which site you should choose. But I'm not advising you to use just one "online exam help service" all the time. I add all these five companies for a reason. The fact is that I spent weeks analyzing the quality of their services. Every day I wrote the same questions like, "Can you take my online exam? How much do your services cost? Do you provide a discount?"

After analyzing hundreds of sites, I found five of the best suitable options for most students. Moreover, I am sure that you do not even have to spend a lot of time looking for the best option. Choose any site from the list, and you will surely be able to count on the best online exam help services. Do not be afraid to make a mistake because all these companies are worth your attention!

You don't even have to spend time analyzing websites, thanks to the perfect design and wide functionality. These websites are great for beginners who don't have time for hundreds of online forms and clicks. Surely you will appreciate the level of comfort that all these five companies provide. Take a look at each site, and you will surely make the right choice.

FAQs About Online Exam Help

Where to hire help for an online exam?

You can easily find an expert if you visit one of the sites I mentioned above. I will not advertise any service to you as I strive to remain unbiased. At the same time, I am sure that all these five sites will solve your academic problems.

Will I get caught if I hire someone to take my online exam?

There is no reason to worry about your confidentiality when asking for assistance with online exams. It is unlikely that your professor can sneak into your room and install spyware on your laptop or PC. Keep calm, and you won't get caught.

Are online exam help services worth it?

I believe that such services are worth all the money in the world if you are a student who cannot cope with your exams. Getting assistance with the most confusing questions is easy, if you have chosen the service that meets your needs and offers reasonable prices.

Are online exam help services legit?

Yes, many such companies are registered in the US and worldwide. Moreover, there is no single law prohibiting academic assistance in any country. That is why the vast majority of companies are legit.

What are the best online exam help services?

I have mentioned five key companies that, in my opinion, are worth your attention. The thing is, I've tested hundreds of websites, and I know what I'm talking about. All these five companies are the best in the academic market.

Can I pay someone to take my online exam?

Sure! You can easily find an expert on the Internet and delegate all academic tasks. Moreover, I am sure that you will not have to spend a lot of money if you choose any site from my list. However, the final decision is up to you.

Can I trust online exam help services?

Yes, you can trust such companies and delegate certain academic tasks. But I recommend that you first read reviews and analyze the reputation of websites before paying for any services. Take your time, and you will surely make the right decision.

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