Whether you are planning to live on- or off-campus and will be studying in the UK, we have some easy solutions for you that will simplify your everyday tasks and responsibilities. These tips, however small, will make the world's difference during your studies in the United Kingdom. From coping with British weather to saving money while exploring various cities, these are our top tips for students moving to the UK.

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Have An Umbrella Nearby... Always

It's no secret that the UK's weather can get quite gloomy. In 2020, 170 days of the year saw cloudy weather and pouring rain. This means that whether you have student accommodation in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow or any other city in the United Kingdom, you should be prepared for rain - and lots of it! Having a small, travel-friendly umbrella in your backpack can really come in handy in the event of an April shower (or given the circumstance in 2020 - a shower at any time during the year.) If you're studying in Northern England or Scotland where the weather can be more extreme, investing in an additional waterproof coat and some boots for the winter is also a wise move.

Shop for Groceries Online 

If you are someone who prefers to buy groceries in bulk, it could be difficult carrying heavy grocery bags back home. Buying groceries online is a perfect way to combat this burden. You get to shop in the convenience of your own home and have your bulky bags brought right up to your front door! Online shopping also gives you a chance to save money through offers and discounts; in some cases, products are cheaper online than they are in-store.

Take Advantage Of Discounts And Cards

One of the simplest methods to save money as a student in the UK is to utilise loyalty cards and student discounts. The National Union of Students' student cards will grant you access to numerous discounts, so applying for one can come with many benefits. A loyalty card for your neighbourhood store is also crucial because you may accumulate points by shopping there every time and eventually have money deducted from your weekly grocery bill! Numerous restaurants and coffee shops, including Nando's, offer loyalty cards. A National Art Pass will grant you free admission to hundreds of museums, galleries and historic attractions and in addition to that, you can also get 50% off on major shows. 

Get A Railcard 

The UK's connectivity by rail is one of its best features. In less than 10 hours, you can take the train from London in the South of England to Aberdeen on the Northernmost Point of Scotland! But over time, train fares add up. This is when a National Railcard can benefit you immensely. Here, a railcard costs just £30 for a year (or even less if you can find a good deal) and helps you save on all rail fares. Travelling around the UK is one of the most exciting activities for students over the weekend due to its easy transport links. For example, taking a trip away from your student accommodation in London, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city side is a nice and relaxed way to spend your weekends - and now you can do it at a fraction of the price!

Carry Adapters And An Extension Cord

Although it may seem minor, this is a super important tip. When moving to study abroad, you will probably be staying at your student accommodation for long periods at a time, so carrying an extra extension cord could be a life saver! An extension cord is necessary to ensure you have enough outlets for all of your devices because you never know how many plug sockets your room will have. Also, don't forget to pack plug adapters from home. This is something that not many people think of, but not all countries have the same power outlets and wall sockets. Therefore, it's always best to bring adapters along with you, since trying to find an adapter in a new country (while all of your devices are running on low battery or are dead already) can be a tedious task. Rather be overly prepared than not at all!


These tips will simplify your move to go study in the UK. You may experience uncertainty at times, but always remember that as a student in the UK, you are on an adventure of a lifetime and any hurdles you face will only contribute to your character. So even if you forget your umbrella and end up going to class soaking wet, make the best of it and laugh it off with your friends. It most probably will be a moment you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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