Teaching is one of the noblest professions there is. Nobody would argue that these roles aren’t important. 

However, the supply of teachers has been waning for a few years now, with shortages persisting to this day as headteachers struggle to recruit for the next academic year. The reasons for this are well-documented, too, with many exiting the profession due to long hours, low pay, and the stress their working world brings. 

That said, positive progress is being made to turn things around for the better. Here’s why aspiring to be a teacher can still be a good idea today. 

Workloads are Being Addressed

The heavy workload teachers face is no secret. While there are still some ways to go, numerous measures are in place to help ease these burdens. 

For example, Totality Services are an IT company in London that work hard to reduce the workload teachers experience through their services. They believe technology to be a tool that increases efficiencies, facilitates a community spirit and engages students of the digital era more. With extensive experience in providing IT support in London colleges, trusts, and schools, they ensure everything works effectively and as promised. Schools in other areas should be working with services like this too. 

Some institutions are also working to promote a healthier work culture. Teachers are often asked how they feel about their workload and are encouraged to leave on time. Automation is being used to reduce admin chores. Staff meetings may be fewer and pre-planned for efficiency too. Of course, these things will vary between institutions, but try to find out where your potential workplace stands on these ideas before accepting any offer. 

Wider Experiences Provide Enlightenment 

Good schooling is about more than sitting in classrooms. It can provide both teachers and students with wider experiences. 

For example, some grammar schools assist with community outreach overseas, helping construct schools and hospitals in places like Ghana. While taking on such a big undertaking can seem off-putting at such a busy time for teachers, these are collaborative efforts that can change the lives of everyone. Important memories will be made. 

Investment in EdTech is growing. E-learning resources are engaging kids differently, and online resources are increasingly helping teachers thrive in what they do. Teaching is evolving alongside technology, providing support for teachers and a richer learning environment. Moreover, teachers offering online English-speaking courses or preparing students for exams can enhance the teaching process due to the new technology.

Motivation is Building

While some teachers have deserted the profession, others have doubled down on their resolve. The adversity experienced in recent times has only heightened their motivation considerably. 

Remember, some people can be passive about their jobs, but teachers are passionate. Those remaining love their jobs and are determined to make a difference in their institutions and communities. Teaching is still worth exploring if you have a similar desire to do good. After all, some people have a calling. 

Teachers will never be replaced by the technology they’re using, either. Hardware and software are tools only, helping teachers to improve their skills, levels of accountability, and the quality of teaching they provide. Used properly, you will go strength-to-strength in the profession, defying any negative odds against you.  


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