In life, we all want to find a position that suits us down to the ground. No one wants to wake up in the morning and dread the idea of going to work. As long as you’ve got determination, enthusiasm, and patience, you can achieve your dreams and end up working in your dream job.

Understandably, securing your ideal role may not come easy. To stand out to employers and boost your employability, there are certain things you may need to do first to get noticed. Here are some tips on how to bag your dream job and get ahead of other candidates.

Sort Out Your CV

In today’s job market, most employers will read through your CV first before deciding whether to give you an interview or not. Therefore, it’s imperative your CV looks the part, lists your credentials, and makes you stand out from other candidates. If your CV is looking a little dated, now is the time to get it up to scratch. You can use a free online CV template that will get yours looking more appealing to the eye. The layout matters, so make sure everything is listed neat and tidy, otherwise, employers may throw yours in the bin immediately!

Take a Course

There’s no better way to boost your employability than by embarking on an online course to improve your skills. E-learning courses, in particular, are available in a variety of subjects. You can check out iHASCO and try e-learning courses. They have over 150 courses to pick from in fields like health and safety, business compliance and HR. When you take the time to commit to a course and house it on your CV, this is sure to impress employers as they know you’ll go the extra mile to stand out.

Pick Up a Hobby

We all have different interests that we would love to indulge in if we had the time. However, for those currently unemployed and looking for work, why not use your spare time to your advantage? Starting a hobby will demonstrate passion and initiative for learning. It will also help you occupy the difficult hobbies and interests part of a CV. There are loads of hobbies to get stuck into, such as learning how to bake, learning a language, or taking up an instrument.

Improve Your Online Presence

Take a look at your social media pages and ask yourself if they are employer-friendly. When you score a job interview, you may be surprised that employers look at candidates’ social media channels too to decide whether they would be a good fit for their business. To tidy up your social media pages, there are several things you can do, like adjusting your privacy settings and deleting any posts that could be deemed offensive. For example, if you are a freelance translator working on medical translation services, you can enhance your online presence by sending your CV to some freelance translation marketplaces such as Proz, Translator Café, Upwork etc.

We all know the job market is highly competitive. These days, you need to pull out all the stops to get noticed and bag an interview. For this to happen, doing all the above will increase your chances of finding the right employment and hopefully set you up for a successful career.

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