Those who have been following the tech news must have observed that even the big names have been laying off staff among other precautionary measures to cut down on spending. It was said that we may be hitting yet another recession, but would this be the main reason for downsizing, and would Google be in the news soon joining the league? 

Amid the fears of inflation, recession, and the possible ripple effect from the Ukraine and Russia war, another thing that has garnered buzz around the world is the depleting level of job security. The tech space has been a spotlight for many reasons, and there is no how we could have missed the updates on Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and the possible fears experienced by Google. 

In this post, I will be clearing some of your doubts on possible fears, how Google has been managing the situation, and if they may not be able to control it any longer. 


Why are Google workers scared? 

Some Google employees fear they will be the next to be laid off as industry-wide cutbacks affect bigger tech names in the past weeks. 

Internal worry is on the rise at Google, even though the company has so far escaped the sweeping job layoffs that have affected tech companies, particularly those backed by a struggling ad market, according to papers seen by employees who talked on the record. 


Which Tech organizations have downsized in 2022? 

This month in November, Meta informed its employees that it was laying off 13% of its workforce, or more than 11,000 workers, as the business deals with dwindling ad revenue.  

Under the direction of its new owner Elon Musk, that manage to get everybody talking about Twitter's blue tick. Twitter recently reduced its employment by roughly half. Snap also announced a 20% decrease in August. Popular computer brand, Hewlett Packard HP announced on Tuesday that it intends to fire 4,000 to 6,000 workers over the following three years in other parts of Silicon Valley. 


Has Google been hit with a loss too? 

Even if Google's business hasn't been affected as severely as many of its competitors, the possible recession, skyrocketing inflation, and rising interest rates are all having an effect. The business reported last month that, save from one quarter during the pandemic, YouTube's ad revenue decreased from a year earlier as Google experienced its weakest stretch of growth since 2013.  

Google announced at the time that it will considerably slow down hiring during the final three months of the year. 

Is the fall in Crypto also a part of this decline for Tech companies? 

No one could claim to not have felt the impact of COVID-19, likewise the new wind of cryptocurrency, especially after the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

The crypto market has caused a dent in Google's most recent search results and has plummeted much more, raising concerns about industry contagion. 


How has Google been coping with the fears of downsizing? 

The business announced it would be shutting down Stadia, its online gaming service, and cancelled the next iteration of its Pixel book laptop. It also cut funding to its internal incubator Area 120. 

Terminations are a growing source of concern, at least in some areas. Additionally, some workers are using memes to humorously express their worries. 

While we hope the corporation can get through this phase, Google staff have resulted in sheer humour inspired by their possible fears of being laid off. 



Should we be expecting lay-offs in Google too? 

Well, so far, Google has been able to manage its staff by choosing to cut costs on expenses, allowances, and other privileges. While this has been considered a temporary safety net, hopefully, if the corporation can wiggle its way out of this phase unscathed, maybe Google staff won't experience being laid off after all. But then again, it is safe to prepare for the worst while jokingly creating memes around their dismissal. 

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