Gaining practical experience in the finance market is easier than you think. Read on to learn four ways you can do it during your studies!



It’s crucial to gain practical experience as someone aspiring to a finance career. The finance industry is considered one of the toughest to succeed in; however, it is entirely possible for those with the correct drive. While studying, it can sometimes be challenging to dedicate extra time to gain practical experience in the finance market, but it’s key to success for many graduates. Below we will go through four ways to gain valuable experience in the finance market during your studies. 


Practice Online with Demo Platforms


One of the best ways to start practising your skills in the trading world is by setting up a demo account on a trading platform that will allow you to make trades using fake money. You can use a reputable trading platform such as Tradingview to set up your account and learn about the analytical tools you can use to assist with your trading. Doing so will give you a deep understanding of trading and a headstart over others studying finance. Reading about the finance market is essential. However, if you want to develop your skills and try out different strategies to see what is most successful, you must use a trading platform, and a demo account is a great place to start. 


Demo accounts provide you with a market environment that is simulated but accurate to the live market, meaning that you will be getting a realistic experience whilst trading. Good knowledge of the finance market is necessary for a successful career in the industry. However, if you also can show that you have a good understanding of how to trade, this will set you apart from other candidates and put you in a strong position as the top choice for a good job.


Take a Finance Course

Another great way to expand your knowledge of the finance market is to take a finance course that will teach you things that you have yet to learn in your studies. You can take courses on everything from investing to general finance, and you may find these courses offered for free by certain universities. Many students are hesitant to spend money on non-university courses, but this investment will put them in a better spot for a successful career in the future. 


Talk to Financial Services Professionals

Once you understand the different parts of the financial market and how it functions, it might be time to start speaking to some experts. Financial services professionals are highly knowledgeable about finance and can offer you great insight into what a career entails. You can discover the important lessons they have learned over a long and successful career and gain some invaluable advice about how to start your journey in the financial industry.


You should speak to as many professionals as you can find in the financial industry, from bankers and financial advisors to attorneys and accountants. This way, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry's functions and gain valuable insight into your career paths. Many professionals are happy to help those interested in learning about finance, providing you with advice that you simply will not find in a book. 


Watch and Read Up on Financial Topics


Nowadays, the internet has almost endless information on nearly anything you can think of. For those interested in finance, you should proactively read up about various financial topics as much as possible to develop your understanding of the financial market. YouTube is a fantastic tool for researching topics and exploring any questions you have about finance. You can find a vast range of videos online that clearly explain various topics so those with different levels of knowledge can understand the concepts. You can move on to more complex subjects as you become more knowledgeable. It is also essential to keep up to date with the latest financial news so that you are constantly aware of how the financial industry is developing. 



Trying to gain practical experience in the finance market during your studies may seem a pretty daunting task; however, there is a range of different tools you can use that won’t take up a considerable amount of your time and resources that will not only deepen your understanding of the financial industry but set you up for a successful career in the future. The sooner you gain practical experience in the finance industry actively, the quicker you can climb the career ladder when you land a job in the finance sector. 


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