Are you looking for the best talent for your company? Is it time to hire a new senior-level professional? Unfortunately, we live in an era when it is not easy to recruit the best. Many companies entrust this task to in-house recruiters or HR departments, since they think they'll save a lot of money this way - after all, that's what they have an internal recruiting department for! Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore we encourage you to use Sowelo's global Executive Search service. This is by far the best way to gain an advantage over your competitors and achieve success on the market.

Sowelo has been providing hiring services since 2007. The company is headquartered in Cracow, Poland. The team of consultants working here has a substantial experience in executive recruiting for both domestic and foreign clients. They have an excellent knowledge of how the IT market is functioning, are well oriented in recruitment trends, know have to attract the best leaders and have plenty of satisfied clients who are eager to return with new
assignments and recommend Sowelo's services to others.

The company's website provides details of its services, all necessary contact information, as well as examples of projects in which Sowelo team has been involved. In addition to Executive Search, the offer includes IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Talent Market Mapping, IT Recruitment Poland, Employer Branding and Recruitment Process Assessment.

Executive Search team offer details

Executive Search service offered by the Cracow team is a comprehensive package of services that will give you the access to the best candidates and prevent bad hires. This is the best method to obtain the high-quality candidates for your organization - skilled professionals, executives and managers.

How to initiate a cooperation with Sowelo? Contact even today! They will jointly determine what kind of candidates you need, define the profile of the candidate you are interested in and determine from which locations they will recruit for you. The next phase is reaching out to selected candidates and holding interviews. They have the ability to reach people with a relatively stable professional status, who aren't actively looking for a new position. They also know how to persuade them to take advantage of an attractive new opportunity. People who perfectly fit the profiles are presented to the client. The final decision on whether to employ them is always made by the client.

Let's not forget that Sowelo's mission is to build close, partnership-based relationships with customers. Not only are client's preferences and opinions always taken into account. Each time the company provides them with a 3-6 month guarantee. If during this time the client rejects the candidate proposed by the headhunters or if the new employee resigns from the job, the company commits to find a new person qualified for the role, with no additional costs.

Find the right employees with Sowelo consultants

Why Sowelo? There are many companies on the recruitment services market that offer Executive Search. However, Sowelo definitely stands out among the competition. Let's list some features that distinguish Sowelo. These include the use of science in the executive recruitment process - headhunters use specialized psychometric tools, e.g. McQuaig's advanced behavioral assessment tests. Executive Search by Sowelo allows you to eliminate the stress and effort associated with hiring process, save time, and reduce recruitment costs by an average of 30%. The detailed information about the offer you can find here

Moreover, thanks to cooperation with Sowelo, it is possible to achieve an impressive employee retention rate. Comprehensive service provides also an access to the online platform, making the recruitment process even simpler and more effective for the client. The company also offers advice on the selection of recruitment strategies, tools and methods.

The list of positions for which Sowelo recruiters have recruited specialists is long and constantly growing. By recruiting for the IT/Telco, Renewable Energy, Professional Services, Finance and Banking industries, Executive Search consultants from Sowelo acquired lots of high-class senior-level executives.

Executive Search by Sowelo - a key to your long term success

Sowelo headhunters are the best choice you can make! They have invaluable contacts that can bring immeasurable benefits. Thanks to them, they can quickly contact the best candidates that your company so desperately needs. They are independent and objective, they inspire willingness to cooperate and trust candidates, even those who are most distrustful of HR department employees.

Over the past dozen or so years of their activity, recruiters from Sowelo have managed to attract many hard-to-find candidates, those who are not at all interested in the offers they receive on a daily basis. They do not browse job advertisements and are not interested in HR contacts. Professional recruiters from an external company know how to talk to them and how to interest them with an attractive offer.

All in all, if you are looking for talents that are necessary for your company to succeed, choose Sowelo! Its experienced Executive Search consultants and headhunters offer a comprehensive qualified candidates search process. Over the years they have stood out for their engagement, high work ethic, thorough understanding of organization's needs as well as high work results and high evaluation of clients and candidates.

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