Graduate Jobs in Peterborough

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With some of the best cultural, heritage and sporting events in the region, there is plenty of opportunities to find graduate jobs in Peterborough. Dominating the skyline is Peterborough Cathedral, but there is much more to this historic city. Explore the markets looking for eclectic items, wine and dine in the numerous restaurants and dance the night away at one of the night clubs. Peterborough is a young and vibrant city, with Peterborough University being one of its highlights. This also means that graduate jobs in Peterborough are abundant. Have a look below to find the perfect job for you.

Graduate Sales Jobs in Peterborough

Do you like meeting new people and making a good first impression? Then a graduate sales job in Peterborough may just be the right career path for you. Sales jobs can be demanding, but with the right skill set, we at StudentJob think you’ll do exceptionally fine! A sales job requires responsibility in generating leads and meeting sales goals. Some of your duties may involve presentations, product demonstrations and negotiating contracts. You will need to be team-orientated, have great product knowledge and a strong understanding of the sales process. Are you feeling inspired? Register now to find your sales job!

Graduate Sales Jobs in Peterborough

Graduate Customer Service Jobs in Peterborough

Customer service is an important role and can be found across many different industries. Some of these industries are; retail, healthcare and sales! Your role will include, attracting potential customers by answering product and service questions, processing orders and to help resolve problems. To do the customer service job well, you will need to have amazing people skills, be able to answer difficult questions and to represent the company you’re working for in a positive light. You need to be an impressive multitasker, have an analytical brain and can come up with solutions quickly. Find a job for you below.

Graduate Customer Service Jobs in Peterborough

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