Graduate Jobs in Reading

There are 3 graduate jobs in Reading.

Are you searching for a graduate job in Reading? Reading is an important commercial centre hosting several British and multinational companies as well as being a major retail centre. Major companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Hibu have headquarters here, so the companies the City attracts are no joke. When you're not working, the City offers plenty of activities for you to unwind. Every year there's the famous Reading Festival, and in between, there's a variety of festivals that take place. You can also do something more chill and grab a drink at a local pub. Discover below all our graduate jobs in Reading!

Customer Service Jobs in Reading

Put your interpersonal skills to use with a customer service job in Reading. These jobs will see you building lasting relationships with customers and ensuring that they have a positive experience with your company. You will mainly do this by answering any questions they have and resolving any problems. Because of the nature of the job, you’ll improve on various soft skills such as communication, interpersonal and empathy skills. These skills can be transferred to any responsibility making you the perfect employee. Finding a graduate job isn’t easy, so in the meantime, try a customer service job to support yourself while you look.

Customer Service Jobs in Reading

Sales Jobs in Reading

Do people often say that you’re persuasive and outgoing? Do you reckon you can sell ice to a polar bear? Then a sales job in this beautiful city is perfect for you. Depending on the job, you’ll be working towards finding out what customers want and selling your products and/or services to them. But there are different roles in sales. You could be representing the company and making the deal. Or, working behind the scenes dealing with logistics. There’s a role for everyone! I want to gain some experience in sales. Just click on the link to find out more.

Sales Jobs in Reading

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