Graduate Jobs in Southampton

There are 4 graduate jobs in Southampton.

University is finally over and now the search for graduate jobs in Southampton begins! You’re in luck because StudentJob has several jobs available in a range of industries. Southampton isn’t only great for working. This port city is filled with fascinating museums. If you want to find out more about the Titanic visit the SeaCity Museum, to see art from different eras check out Southampton City Art Gallery and learn more about planes at the Solent Sky museum. If this isn’t your thing don’t fret. Southampton has a range of bars, shops and attractions for you to enjoy. Discover below the graduate jobs in Southampton.

Graduate Sales Jobs in Southampton

Searching for a graduate sales job in Southampton? It’s easy to see why! The aim of this role is to sell products or services to potential customers whilst maintaining lasting relationships to ensure future sales. To be great at this job it’s important that you are results-driven and can meet targets. Attributes such as great customer awareness, communication and persuasion skills are highly favoured and will help you considerably in the role. Not all jobs involve being in front of the deal either. You can also work behind the scenes dealing with the logistics of everything. Don’t waste another second and take a look at all the sales jobs available!

Graduate Customer Service Jobs in Southampton

Similar to a sales job, a customer service job will see you dealing with a wide range of people on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to be someone who enjoys communicating with others and feels a sense of achievement from helping people with any problems they may have. In addition, being patient and understanding is a must as you’re the face of the company and have to make sure every customer leaves satisfied and with a good impression of the company. A graduate job will take most of your time, but when you’re not working take some time for yourself. Southampton has plenty of places to relax!

Looking for Other Jobs in Southampton

Want to earn an income whilst you look for a job? Then have a look at the part time jobs in Southampton. There are plenty available and you can get a job in sales to gain experience whilst you look for a graduate role. Or, consider a weekend job in Southampton which will give you more flexibility and more free time.
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