How do you become an Air Hostess?

If your dream has ever been to be an air hostess and you want to find out what qualifications, courses and training you need. Read this article and we will give you the rundown on how to become an air hostess. And everything that might turn your head such as salary and sorry for forgetting how you get to travel the world. Is your dream to travel to every country or at least most of them, this may be the job for you. Continue reading to find out. Apply for our

What do Air Hostesses do?

As an air hostess, your main priority is the safety and satisfaction of passengers. This entails checking tickets, directing them to their designated seats and ensuring they were welcomed properly.

Of course, an air hostess’s responsibilities play greatly into safety and your knowledge of the important emergency protocols. Your ability to communicate safety procedures accurately and timely is a must as a flight attendant. In most cases, when passengers need assistance, they press their button to notify you of concerns during the flight.

Taking care of passengers' needs and wants means serving food and beverages during the flight. During short-duration flights, only drinks and snacks can be served. Whilst on long international flights, meals, drinks and snacks are served multiple times on the trip.

As previously said, passengers are the most important aspect of the job, however, an air hostess must take inventory of the plane's stock, these include duty-free items, food and beverages, and comfort items for the passengers.

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What Qualifications do you need to be an Air Hostess?



You are required to have a GCSEs or an equivalent high school diploma. These are two or more between grades 9 to 3 or some type of level two course equivalent. At college, there are courses which you can take, either a Level 2 Diploma in Air Cabin Crew or a cabin crew module in Travel and Tourism Courses.

Bachelor's Degree

Some airlines prefer candidates who have bachelor's or associate's degrees in Hospitality and Travel Management, Air Hostess Training or Travel and Tourism Management.


  • Good fitness and Medical checks
  • English, both written and spoken
  • 18 Years old and above
  • Be able to swim 25 metres

Skills needed to be an Air Hostess

Flexible Schedules

Airlines can have hundreds of flights and schedules from early mornings and late nights. Air hosts must ensure you are available to be away from home for various durations across your work week. As an air hostess, your flexible schedule enables you to perform your duties and responsibilities no matter what time of day.

Customer Service

Your main priority is to greet, serve and accommodate passengers and customers of airlines throughout the duration of your shift. Being able to interact with various people, in order to be helpful and courteous in your customer service positions.

Calm Under Pressure

No one hopes for anything to go wrong, but be calm under pressure if an emergency occurs. Giving emergency guidance and assistance to passengers and colleagues and for you to take action in these situations.

How much do Air Hostesses make in the UK?

You get paid for travelling the world, what more could you ask for? Your average salary as an air hostess is £16,200. Your base salary ranges from £12,400 to more experienced at £20,800. If you work with a company such as British Airways, you can receive above £30,000 per year.

Air Hostess Salaries

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Overview of an Air Hostess

Profession Group Travel and Tourism
Minimum Age 18
Education Requirements GCSEs
Salary Indication £15,000 to £30,000
Related Jobs Hotel Receptionists, Hilton Hotel jobs or Cruise Ship Worker

FAQs about Air Hostesses

  • What are the best airlines to work for as a flight attendant?

  • In terms of salary, British Airways have the best pay per year. Jet2 is named the best airline to work for, for multiple years in a row.

  • What height do you have to be as an Air Hostess?

  • You have to be between 5ft2 (157cm) and 6ft2 (187cm) in order to qualify.

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