How do you become a Delivery Driver?

In this article, you will learn about the different types of delivery drivers and their roles in a company. Additionally, the qualifications which you need in order to become a delivery driver, the skills which will boost your CV, and what requirements such as age, licences and much more. Continuing reading if you would love to become a delivery driver in the UK. We’ve also linked some vacancies which you may be interested in.

What do Delivery Drivers do?

What does a job as a delivery driver consist of? In short, as a driver, your task is operating various vehicles to deliver items from a warehouse or restaurant to a customer's location or specific destination. In this article we will discuss the types of delivery drivers there are, skills you need and education or qualifications. Learn more about what you need to become a delivery driver, then carry on reading and start applying for positions.

There are a range of different delivery drivers, the most common are delivery riders, couriers and truck/HGV delivery drivers. Of course there are more, however these are some of the most searched and wanted jobs in the UK right now.

Delivery Rider jobs are perfect for students or young people with flexible hours whilst studying or that suits their schedule. Riders can use cars, bikes or scooters, some provided by the company. As many young people can not drive yet, this gives a range of opportunities for young people.

Couriers deliver a range of products to locations on different routes requires adaptation to new surroundings, finding the best routes to deliver in a time frame and schedules. A crucial responsibility for couriers is to load, unload and operate delivery vehicles whether that be cars, vans or larger transport. Try our DPD courier jobs so you can get on the road now.

Truck Drivers main duties and responsibilities when truck driving consists of loading and unloading large amounts of products. These products could be finished goods going to stores, raw materials to manufacturing plants or retail distribution centres. Truck drivers are a crucial part in the distribution and operation of stores to be successful.

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What Qualifications do Delivery Drivers Need?


Your qualifications matter as a delivery driver, if you have these then you would be a great driver. Your qualifications matter when delivering, when driving cars or other vehicles which require special licences and training to operate. These are some qualifications you need to get before you apply for a delivery driver job.

  • Secondary School Diploma or College Certificate
  • GCSEs in English and Maths
  • Valid Driver's Licence
  • Cat C+E Licence (for HGV and Arctic Trucks)

Skills needed to be a Delivery Driver

Clean Driving Record

For example having a clean driving record, to be a delivery driver at some companies require you to be driving for at least a year, and have no more than six points on your licence, this qualifies you to be able to drive vans and other vehicles owned by a company. However, vital skills for a truck driver when driving arctic trucks, tankers or tow trucks you need training and lessons in order to operate these large vehicles. A clean driving record means a safe driver, and that is what they look for when hiring any type of driver.

Customer Service

Interacting with customers is a great skill to have in customer service roles. Offering support to customers before, during and after delivery is a crucial role you play as a delivery driver. Customer service comes naturally to some, but you can gain this type of experience anywhere, whether that be at an old job as a waitress/waiter or a store assistant. Where there is a customer, there is experience to be gained!

Responsible & Reliable

Being a responsible and reliable driver is key to being a great delivery driver, sending a driver on the road who is reckless and dangerous to everyone on the roads. The reliability of a candidate and their skills are great when managing time, resources and routes, this reduces the risk of failed deliveries, overall making your job smoother but satisfying customers as well.

How much does a Delivery Driver make?

Salaries for delivery drivers vary massively on your roles, experience and depend on your shift length. Based on your position, you will get paid differently for most delivery driver jobs, so using the jobs which were discussed previously. Depending on the company you work for. But the entry level for positions like these start at £22,000 a year. Although more experienced workers can make up to £36,000 per year. Most companies hiring drivers pay hourly, so from £10 to £17 which is a great wage for deliveries.

Delivery Driver Salary UK

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Overview of Delivery Drivers

Profession Group Logistics
Minimum Age 18 (previous experience in driving HGV etc)
Education Requirements GCSEs in English & Maths
Salary Indication £22,000 to £45,000
Related Jobs Grocery Delivery, Couriers, HGV Drivers or Taxi Driver

FAQs about Delivery Drivers

  • What are the daily duties of a Delivery Driver?

  • Some of your duties as a driver can include loading and unloading packages/or products, driving safely around in local areas using navigation systems, and providing excellent customer service to customers receiving products and packages.

  • What is the difference between a Delivery Driver and a Courier?

  • A popular question, delivery drivers tend to deliver parcels or products to a customers location, whilst couriers deliver and receive parcels to take out for delivery to a mailing facility.

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