How do you become a Project Manager?

Do you want to find out how to become a project manager? Or you’re curious about what they do? Read on! We’ll talk about the different roles, what qualifications you need and most importantly, how much dosh you’ll be earning; also, what skills come in handy as a project manager and putting them into practice.

What do Project Managers do?

If you’ve ever asked, what does a project manager do? In the broadest of terms, project managers are responsible for planning, organising and seeing a project through to completion. You, as a project manager, must manage many factors, such as time, budget and overall success of a project.

Project managers are usually there from start to finish. So your first action would be to plan and develop the idea with your clients' vision or goal. Your clients must have an agreed timescale, costs and other factors like resources needed for the project. Agreeing on these different factors can impact how successful and efficiently your project is completed, satisfying everyone.

As a project manager, your task is to draw up a plan for each stage of a project and follow the plan to ensure an effective result. Many project managers have years of experience, so you must develop strategies to avoid missed opportunities and issues which may arise during the project. You must be able to apply these strategies when needed.

When sourcing supplies as a project manager, your job is to negotiate and bargain with contractors to find the best price for your project and client. Project managers should find not only the best price but also the best team who have the skills to complete the project.

When referring to your specialised knowledge of the different software and technologies you may need to be using. Your experience of education can matter greatly when using them. These will be used to monitor and report on a project's progress, quality and the costs associated with the client.

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Project Manager Qualifications


Getting a degree in any subject can help towards your goal as a project manager; this can give you a major advantage compared to other candidates. For a bachelor's, all you will need is 2 to 3 A-levels or equivalent to start your degree. Regarding further education, such as postgraduate degrees or masters; these are not vital for you to complete. However, they develop your knowledge and understanding on a higher level.

Work Experience

Higher apprenticeships are an effective way for you to develop your career. Project management apprenticeships usually last around four years. What you decide to develop is up to you. This could be creating environmentally friendly policies for a business or practices of sustainability with specialist degree apprenticeships. The entry requirements for higher or degree apprenticeships include 4 to 5 GCSEs between 9 and 4. Gaining experience from internships, on-the-job training and other work experience are also great ways to develop your skills and knowledge.

Skills needed to become a Project Manager

Business Management Skills

Your business management skills are vital to being a successful project manager. How do you communicate with your team and clients, or your ability to problem-solve and make decisions productively? Being equipped with these skills increases your likelihood of being hired and productive in the workplace.

Technical Skills

Technical skills for a project manager are essential. Your use of budgeting can determine the success of a project and the satisfaction of your clients. Monitoring project performance and ensuring goals are being achieved for each stage. As an aspiring project manager, your familiarity with software like Monday or Basecamp.

Leadership Skills

Your leadership skills in project management can decipher success. Leading a team requires you to be motivated in the challenging areas of a project or listen to problems that your team brings to you. Strong leadership skills are a necessity for a manager in every situation.

Salaries of Project Managers in the UK

The average project manager's salary is £57,500 per year. However, your average starting salary in the UK is £33,300, but with experience and your reputation, your salary can reach £135,000 per year. Your salary is bound to change being a project manager in different industries.

Salaries of Project Managers in the UK

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Overview of Project Managers

Profession Group Business Administration or Management
Minimum Age N/A
Education Requirements Bachelor Degree is Preferred
Salary Indication £57,500
Related Jobs Management, Admin and Secretary

FAQs about Project Maanagers

  • What career progression is there for Project Managers?

  • There are senior project managers, a director of project management and a VP of project management. You can achieve these three careers after becoming a project manager

  • Is being a project manager a good career?

  • With high salaries and various different types of industries, it is rewarding, and you are sure never to get bored.

  • What is the average salary for a director of project management?

  • The average salary in the UK is just under £90,000 per year.

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