How do you become a Virtual Assistant?

In this article, you can find what a virtual assistant is and the path to becoming one. This will help you figure out what qualifications you need, if there are courses available, and what experience you need if any. We’ll speak about your potential salary, whilst talking about your skills and qualities that come in handy. And mainly what you do on a day-to-day basis as a virtual assistant.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

As a virtual assistant, your job is to carry out tasks and provide administrative aid to clients outside the office. Virtual assistants usually work from home but can access necessary equipment, documents and schedules. In this field, you are more likely to need or have experience as an assistant or office manager. Some assistants also take on graphic design, blog writing and potential marketing services.

Most often, virtual assistants will offer administrative support, including handling office tasks, providing professional help on the phone and answering queries from emails. You will support a wide range of employees and departments across a business.

Scheduling appointments for clients and employees within your business is a vital task when being an assistant. Having to check schedules informing when people are busy and available for meetings. Arranging travel and accommodation for out-of-office events, nationally or internationally.

Your main duty is to act as a personal assistant; this means the standard duties at work. But also handling personal matters such as holidays, organising personal calendars and purchasing needed items for your client.

In some instances, you may be required to conduct research on the market, customers or the overall performance of the business. Content management is another important task you will undertake. You will have to monitor content posts and increase brand awareness to engage current and potential clients. Not all your tasks will be labelled as administrative; in some cases, you have data entry whereby you must collect, check its accuracy and delete data which is irrelevant to your cause.

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Virtual Assistant Qualifications


To cut it short, no specific requirements or qualifications are needed to become a virtual assistant. However, most employers look for some sort of higher education, potentially a bachelor's or college certificate. Whilst most suggest that you have your basic GCSEs, you may be overlooked when another candidate has some knowledge or qualifications in administrative or assistant work.


If you do not want to be overlooked, enrolling in courses is a great way to advance your knowledge and gain experience. Searching online gives you a range of different courses, teaching you administration, IT skills and business documents. Ending with a certificate and accredited qualification, improving your career prospects as a virtual assistant.

Work Experience

Your experience can matter greatly in this line of work. Administrative skills can create greater opportunities to strengthen your knowledge as a virtual assistant. Most clients, when hiring, look for at least three years of experience in administration or assistant work. Having familiarity with technologies in the workplace is vital for quick and easy starts to a company.

Skills for a Virtual Assistant

Communications Skills

Your verbal and communication skills are crucial for taking phone calls, writing emails, and creating reports for clients and other employees. Knowing how to converse well is always a great skill to have.

Knowledge of Cloud-Based Apps

Having experience in apps such as Google Docs, Calendar and Dropbox is fundamental when working with client documents and files. Being able to use and efficiently transfer data through these different types of apps makes you a great potential candidate.

IT Skills & Computer Literacy

Virtual assistant responsibilities are performed mostly on computers and desktops. Acquiring skills in IT and having adequate knowledge of Microsoft programs and systems is a definite advantage when looking for an assistant. As creating reports and spreadsheets, as previously mentioned.

Salaries of Virtual Assistants in the UK

Virtual assistants get the benefit to work remotely, whilst also bringing in around £30,000 a year. However, more entry-level positions start at £25,000, but as an experienced assistant you could make up to £52,000. These are great salaries compared to other jobs in the UK where the average salary is around £26,000.

Salaries of Virtual Assistants in the UK

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Overview of Virtual Assistants

Profession Group Administration
Minimum Age 16
Education Requirements GCSEs
Salary Indication £30,000
Related Jobs Personal Assistant and Secretary

FAQs about Virtual Assistants

  • How much can I earn as a virtual assistant per hour?

  • The average you can make per hour is around £15. However, as a freelance virtual assistant, it could be £27 per hour.

  • How is a virtual assistant paid?

  • You can get paid in various ways, whatever contract you are on you may be paid hourly, weekly or monthly. Depending on the employer some pay per project is completed.

  • Are all virtual assistants remote?

  • You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and good internet, you can have this job anywhere.

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