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Woo hoo! See, you found the job that you want to apply for, now to start your application! This process can be quite stressful, but fortunately, there are lots of tips out there to help you succeed. Although you may want to apply to the job straight away, sometimes it will take a little bit of time researching the company and looking at the required skills to perfect your application. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first job or if you’re already on a career path, the same CV tips apply as well as our advice for creating the best cover letter. These tips will also help you along the way with uni applications too. With student jobs blogs, you will find out all about the job application process.

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Job application

Completing a job application can take time. The more places you apply for, the higher the chance of getting that job. However, don’t rush into your applications. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race! So, make sure that you find out about the company and highlight your relevant education and work experience on your application. Don’t be disheartened when you’re ignored or rejected - I know, easier said than done. Looking for your first job? We know it can be hard finding your first position with no work experience so check out this section with our top tips so you can start your job application

CV tips

So, hopefully you have completed your job search, but what happens if there is a company where you would like to start a career, with no open vacancies? Why not send them over an application to show them that you’re interested? Make sure to let them know that they can contact you if a vacancy comes up. This shows that you’re willing and motivated to secure a job at their company. There are plenty of other CV tips. The most important things are that you create a neat, tidy and professional CV. You also need to make sure it is tailored to the role. P.s. still unsure where to start? Not to worry, StudentJob UK have all the CV tips and have created a free CV maker just for you!

Best cover letter advice

What is the best cover letter advice? A cover letter is key for landing a job. Your CV will give an overseas view of your skills and achievements however your cover letter will show you why you want the job and what you will bring to the company. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the recruiter understands why you are applying and has left them wanting to know more about you. So, what is the best cover letter advice? There are things to avoid though, one grammar error could get your CV and cover letter chucked away. Oh, when sending a job application, make sure to check that you have included an attached both! Why you are here, don’t forget to look at our interview tips and how to negotiate your salary after your job offer. With all of this best cover letter advice you will be on your way to securing that job offer!