Weekend Jobs in St Albans

There are 403 weekend jobs in St Albans available.

Are you looking for weekend jobs in St Albans? One of the most picturesque cities in England, St Albans is full of history and character. Home to the famous Hatfield House, where Queen Elizabeth the 1st grew up, St Albans has a lot of charm and student diversity. The University of Hertfordshire has a location here, so there are plenty of opportunities to find the weekend job in St Albans that suits your studying schedule. You could be working in a bar, have a sales job or a cleaning job. Register now, on StudentJob to find your weekend job.

Weekend Bar Jobs in St Albans

A bar job requires someone who is enthusiastic and has excellent people skills. You will need to prepare a lot of different kinds of drinks and cocktails and have good knowledge of ingredients that work well together. If you don’t want to work in a bar, you can also consider having a barista job in the local coffee shop. St Albans is also known for its craft beer, and you could be working in one of the top-rated pubs like the Kings Arms. Luckily, there are plenty of weekend bar jobs in St Albans to choose. Click the link below.

Bar Jobs in Albans

Weekend Sales Jobs in St Albans

With endless opportunities in this career sector, you can easily find a weekend sales job. From pretty cobbled high streets to prominent business parks, St Albans is a great place to find a sales job. You will have to showcase your ability to sell, but you will also be expected to demonstrate your impressive customer relations skills. Have you considered a sales assistant job? You will need to be adept at negotiating contracts, preparing monthly reports and handling deposits and payments from clients. Do you think you can succeed in this role? Then register and check out our sales jobs.

Sales Jobs in St Albans

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