Weekend Jobs in Woking

There are 20 weekend jobs in Woking available.

Weekend jobs in Woking shouldn't be hard to find! Woking is in the commuter belt of London and has plenty of opportunities to find an ideal weekend job. Jubilee Square is a hub of retail therapy and dining out experiences. The nightlife isn't bad too. With the University of Surrey having a campus here, you can find student-friendly places like Red and The Red Barn. (Woking likes the colour red, apparently.) There are also some notable educational places to visit, such as the WWF Living Planet Centre and the Surrey History Centre. Scroll down to find a weekend job in Woking.

Weekend Science Jobs in Woking

"What is a weekend science job, StudentJob?" I can hear, you say! Well, a Science job is just a broad term to cover situations that require research. In this case, you could be a mystery shopper and get paid to take surveys. (Yes, you can get money for expressing your opinion!) You could also work from home as a part-time market researcher. Weekend science jobs in Woking is ideal for you while you're studying at uni. Having a weekend job can also give you some valuable experience once you're ready to leap into the big wide world after graduation.

Science Jobs in Woking

Weekend Home Care Jobs in Woking

Weekend home care jobs is an excellent idea while you're studying. Home care is a broad job sector, covering placements such as cleaning, pet sitting and babysitting jobs! Woking has a population of over 101 thousand people; you're sure to find someone who needs your help. You can spend your weekends walking the friendly neighbourhood dogs in Woking Park. There are many business premises in the town centre - you could be cleaning The White Horse or the Botley Hill Farmhouse. Does this sound great to you? Then click the link below to start looking for your ideal job in Woking.

Home care Jobs in Woking

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