Want to earn extra money to boost your allowance? A part time job could be just the answer. Unfortunately you’re a year or two early since the law prohibits 12 year olds from working. This means a cashier job or working in a restaurant is sadly not an option. Fear not though, there are plenty of other inventive ways for 12 year olds to earn money.

What jobs can a 12 year old get?

So, if you are looking for job ideas, why not ask your family and friends if you can help them out? Babysitting your neighbours children or helping them with their homework could be a handy way to earn a couple of pounds an hour. They may ask you to do this weekly, meaning you have a great and steady local job!

Another local part time job for 12 year olds could be trying your hand at dog walking. The great part about this is that dogs need to be taken outside at least one a day, so this could be a real money maker! Asking for £1 per walk means by the end of the week you would earn £7.not bad for a first job.

If your neighbours or family are going out of town, a great job could be offering to water their plants or feed their pet. The benefit of this role is it doesn’t require much time, just a good memory. After all, if you forget to drop by and water their plants, you’ll be dealing with one angry neighbour!

Preparing for a real job

Having a fun and inventive side project at 12 years old is a great way to prepare you for your first job when you’re slightly older. The responsibility of walking your friend’s dog each day or tutoring your neighbour will help to build your skills for your next role and really impress your first employer! So, what are you waiting for? Ring your neighbours, cousins, grandma and friends.it’s your chance to find a job!

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