Jobs For 12-Year-Olds

So you’re looking for jobs for 12-year-olds. I have bad news, I am afraid. In the UK it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to have to a job. However, if you’re turning 13 soon, why don’t you register with us now and then start applying when you’re the right age to work. Don’t worry; we have plenty of jobs for 12-year-olds ideas for you so that you can earn some extra pocket money.

Can A 12 Year Old Work In The UK?

In some special circumstances, a 12-year-old can work in the UK. The areas where you can work is;

  • Television
  • Theatre
  • Modelling

To work in these areas, you must have a performance licence. Contact your local council’s education department or education welfare department to find out more. You cannot have a regular job till you’re the age of 13. If you’re being forced to work, this is illegal.

What Jobs Can You Get At 12

To get some job experience, it’s a good idea to start helping your parents or guardians around the home. You will get some extra pocket money, and you will learn some valuable skills which you will need when you get older. You can create yourself a CV once you have some of these experiences; use our free CV maker!

Jobs you can get at 12-years-old vary. Maybe after school, you can help your older neighbour clean their home. Perhaps you can wash someone’s car. Doing a paper round is also a good idea. Don’t forget seasonal jobs, like Christmas! Maybe you can help someone decorate their house. Perhaps you have a younger sibling or cousin that needs babysitting? Use your imagination; there are a lot of job opportunities for you! Don’t forget, you can register with us now, and when you turn 13, you can start applying for other jobs.

Weekend Jobs For 12-Year-Olds

Because you’re still in school, having a weekend job for 12-year-olds is a good idea, as long as doing these jobs doesn’t negatively impact your homework or studies - you can make extra cash and get that experience in no time.

Do you have a neighbour that has pets? Maybe you can be a pet sitter for a few hours. You could even become a dog walker. How fun would that be! Of course, you have to be super mature and responsible - you’re looking after someones, furry family member. If you do a great job, you will be asked to pet sit or dog walk more often. That means more money and more experience!

Do you have an older neighbour or grandparents? Another way of making some cash and getting experience is by helping them in the garden. Gardens need lots of attention and maintenance.

Another option is to volunteer. You won’t get any money for this, but you will get some fantastic working experience, which will look great on your CV once you’re older. You could volunteer at a zoo or animal sanctuary. Check out your local community centre and see what volunteering options you have.

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