Congratulations, you have reached the age of 18 and are ready to move into the next wage bracket. At this age, as of 1st April 2018, you are eligible to earn at least £5.90 an hour. Now you are officially an adult, you fall into the category for adult employment rules and rights which means you can work longer hours and have the freedom to explore any part time job.

Which jobs are there for 18 year olds in the UK?

Now that you are 18 you are eligible to work in a factory containing hazardous surroundings, without supervision. This may not sound so crazy, but it is a big incentive for employers to hire you since you won’t need watching the whole time!

You can also serve alcohol by yourself, meaning you can land a job in your local pub or bar. If you are looking for an easy and flexible way to make money, why not try your hand at being a club promoter at your university? By selling tickets to your friends and peers, you can make commission off each sale and pocket the money yourself.

Another neat way to make money at university is by becoming a brand ambassador. Many companies seek students to represent them on campus and promote their products or services to other students. The great part of becoming a brand ambassador is you may even get fast tracked through their graduate scheme application if you want to work for the company again in the future.

If you are looking for a summer job at 18 years old, there is also now a wide range of options for you to choose from. Ever considered working in a summer camp? If you want to earn a good salary over your summer period and have some fun too, we would recommend you to try your hand at mentoring young people through a summer of fun. With the opportunity to do this abroad, you really can give yourself the best working holiday and earn money for it!

Where can I look for a job?

To find your part time job, summer job or full time job at 18 years old, we encourage you to try out our site! With StudentJob, you can sign up for free and apply to the wide range of vacancies we have online. Whether its waitressing, tutoring, customer service or bartending that you are interested, you can find it with our job site today.