So, you are searching to find jobs suitable for a 14 year old? Unfortunately, the law prohibits young teenagers from doing a large number of jobs, but luckily we have come up with a number of helpful solutions. If you want to earn extra money to boost your weekly allowance, check out our tips below.

Which are the possible jobs for 14 year olds in the UK?

Earning money gives you the freedom to buy that extra PS3 game you wanted, or to save up for a big present. As 14 year olds are not eligible to work in bars, restaurants or most shops, this is your chance to call on your neighbours, family and friends to help you find or create a side job.

Ask your parents if you can do chores around the house and earn a little extra pocket money for helping out. You could wash their cars, vacuum the downstairs and empty the dishwasher for £5 a week. The great part about this job is you can do it all from the comfort of your home! If you feel like venturing outside, you could offer to sweep your neighbour’s front lawn or put out their rubbish for a couple of extra pounds a month!

Local part time jobs for teens often include paper rounds or babysitting. Why not check out your corner post office and see if they need any weekly newspapers delivering? The perfect part time job, this will give you a neat trickle of income and the short hours comply with the legal working hours for minors.

What are the rules for working as a 14 year old?

As a 14 year old, the government sets regulations to ensure you work no more than 12 hours a week during term time, and 25 hours a week in school holidays. For school holidays, this includes a maximum of 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and a maximum of 2 hours on a Sunday.

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