At the age of 17, you have the added benefit of a driving license! After you have passed your driving test, your job opportunities are far and wide with the chance to take vacancies that require a little extra travel. If you are looking to save money before university, getting a part time job could be the ideal solution.

Which jobs can I take at 17 years old?

If you are wondering what jobs for 17 year olds there are, do not fear. At this age, there are a plethora of possibilities for you to consider. If you can drive, why not try your hand at a delivery job. You could work for a local restaurant or bigger chain in the centre and get paid your wage and for any petrol you use while on shift.

Delivery job not for you? Why not check out the retail shops in your area and apply for a position as a sales assistant. The great part of working in a clothing or accessory shop is that you may end up receiving discount off your favourite brand, not bad right?

There are also a number of more local and flexible jobs available for 17 year olds, such as childcare and tutoring roles. If you want to earn money from the comfort of your own home, an online teaching job could be a great fit. You can tutor in a subject of your choice and often set your own rates, giving you the opportunity to really be your own boss.

How much do 17 year olds get paid?

As a 17 year old, you should be earning at least the National Minimum Wage. For young people under the age of 18, the minimum is £4.20 per hour as of 1st April 2018. Depending on the particular company you apply to you could be earning significantly more than this, or equally you may receive exactly £4.20.

If you’re looking to earn more than the minimum wage, why not try out a bar or waiting job? Working in hospitality is a great way to boost your base salary since you often receive tips from satisfied customers.

Are there any rules for working at 17 years old?

As a young worker, it is important to make sure you receive the correct breaks during your working day. After you have worked 4.5 hours in a day, you are entitled to a 30 minute break. You should also receive a daily rest of 12 hours, and a weekly rest of 48 hours. Don’t forget, if you are still studying, you should ensure your rest breaks are sufficient to keep you energised and ready for a day of sixth form.

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