How to Get Cheap Car Insurance as a Young Driver

By Guest Blog Post on 13-06-2017

Young drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident, with 17-25 year olds being responsible for one-third of all road fatalities. It therefore comes as no surprise that car insurance for under 25s in the UK is typically very high. Insurance companies view young people as more risky and naturally want to protect themselves. However, there are still several ways in which you can reduce your cost of cover as a young person.

Buy the right car

All cars belong to a certain car insurance category, ranging from 1-50. In the UK, the cheapest cars to insure belong to groups 1-5. Young drivers with expensive, fast cars will find it far more difficult to get a good deal on car insurance than those with cars in the earlier categories. That being said, it is a good idea to pick your car wisely, rather than simply choosing one that will impress your friends.

Consider black box insurance

Also referred to as telematics insurance, this type of cover works by installing a box inside your car, which works by sending data about how you drive to your insurers. In essence, the safer you drive, the greater reduction in your cover. This is obviously particularly useful for young and inexperienced motorists, who are naturally on the receiving end of some eye-wateringly high premiums.

Telematics policies will include many different factors that standard premiums tend not to take into account, such as driving behaviour, length of journey, type of road generally driven on, the time of day you are usually on the road and the smoothness of your driving. All of these factors are useful in proving to your insurer that you are a safe and capable driver, which should in turn save you money.

Do your research

You wouldn’t write a piece of coursework without first doing some research and the same can be said for your car insurance. Make sure you shop around for a while first and compare prices so that you can properly weigh up all your options and make a sensible decision.

Third party insurance, which is technically the cheapest type of cover, tends to work out more expensive for young drivers in the long run, so do not just assume this is going to be the cheapest option for you.

There are tonnes of car finance deals out there, so avoid settling for the first young driver quote offered to you. Ensure that you assess the type of insurance and exactly what is covered in it. Quality is usually always better than price, especially when it comes to car insurance for drivers more statistically prone to accidents.

Add another driver

Adding a second ‘named driver’ who has more experience and is older than you can reduce your insurance premium, since providers will assume that the driving responsibility will be shared between you. However, it is important to only do this where it is actually the case, as lying to your insurer is classed as illegal (known as ‘fronting’) and can lead to rejected claims.

Take a course

Taking an advanced driving course, such as Pass Plus, can prove particularly useful for new drivers within the first year of passing their test. These practical courses are quick and simple and are designed to expand on driving skills, while teaching people to drive more safely.

They cover additional skills such as all-weather driving, night time driving and rush hour traffic. Insurers take kindly to young people investing their time and energy into these types of courses and may to reduce your premium because of it.

Keep your vehicle safe and secure

Young drivers can reduce their premium by adding extra safety features to their vehicle, like car alarms, tracking devices or immobilisers. Moreover, showing that you are taking steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle being vandalised or stolen, by keeping it in a locked garage instead of on the street, will also help reduce your cover.

Go for a higher excess

Opting to pay a higher voluntary excess has been shown to significantly reduce your premium. The excess chosen is the amount you will pay towards repairs on the vehicle in the event of a claim and you can choose the level appropriate for you when getting an initial quote.

Young drivers are statistically more likely to make a claim within the first 12 months of receiving their license, so it is important to bear in mind that you should only choose a higher one if you can really afford to pay it.

Avoid making modifications

As tempting as it might be to pimp out your car MTV-style, making modifications to your vehicle (except security ones) will only increase the cost of your cover. A modification counts as anything that isn’t part of the normal vehicle specification, such as body kits and alloy wheels, which may seem appealing to young drivers wanting to stand out.

If you really must make modifications, be sure to let your insurer know, otherwise you risk invalidating your policy.


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