Are you going to start your Erasmus in Barcelona for a semester? Do you have a work placement in Barcelona? To find adequate housing is one of the most difficult parts of your new adventure.

In this article, we give you some advice on finding the best student accommodation in Barcelona. In the first part of the article, we explain what type of accommodation is the best value for money and in the second part, we'll tell you which areas are best for students.

What type of accommodation to choose?

The most common choice for students when coming to Barcelona is to rent a room in a shared apartment . This option is not economical, since renting a room costs between € 400 and € 500 per month , however, it is also risky because you do not know what to do. In some cases, there are typical conflicts between people with different lifestyles.

The safest and most economical option is the temporary rental of an apartment. This is a cheap option since it is cheaper to rent a room. Another advantage is that you can find friends in Barcelona.

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What are the best areas for students?

The best places to stay are the cheapest and most central or appropriate that population. Now, we outline the districts were students prefer to rent a flat in Barcelona.

Eixample (Ensanche in Spanish)

This is the great economic center of the city . It is divided into two districts: Eixample Dret and Eixample Esquerre. It is known for its modernist architecture and has works by Gaudí, such as La Pedrera. This neighborhood is full of history that you can relive every day. The historic University of Barcelona building is in Plaza de la Universidad.  

Les Corts

In this district, you will find the university zone of the city which is full of green areas. Almost all of the universities in Barcelona have a campus here: Polytechnic of Catalonia, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona and Ramón Llull among others. Here, you will also find the Nou Camp football stadium.  

Sant Martí

This area has a multicultural atmosphere and is home to almost all of the beaches in the city. It is far away from the tourist attractions which gives it an authentic feel of living in Barcelona. Like the rest of the city, this area is well connected with public transport. Here, you will find the University of Barcelona campus, the University Pompeu Fabra and the School of Design.  


Gracia and Sarria have authentic and lively atmosphere with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. This is an ideal place to live. In this district, you can find the Law and Economic and Social Sciences Campus. There is also the Sarria Chemical Institute, the Open University of Catalonia campus and the International University of Catalonia.   

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