Strategies to discover the kind of career you want

By Joshua Peele on 30-01-2018

No matter what degree or further education course you’re taking, this stage of your education is a stepping stone towards a future career. If you’ve chosen a vocational course, such as medicine or law, then perhaps you know where you’re headed in life. But, for every person that knows what lies ahead for them in terms of a career, there are probably ten people who don’t.

If that sounds like you, it’s never too soon to start thinking about what different options are out there, and which direction you might like to take. The big problem for many students is knowing where to start. Try these strategies to help you make some choices.

Talk to your future self

Instead of thinking that you have to simply pick a career, why not think about how you’d imagine your life in a few decades time. What does success look like to you? You’ll have had different influences over the years, from your parents and your peers, about what they think a successful future looks like, but how do you feel? Is earning enough money to buy a big house, a smart car and a nice lifestyle the most important thing for you or is it about the satisfaction that you get from the work that you do. Some people see work as a means to an end; for others, the work is the end in itself.

Asking yourself questions like what matters most to you in life and what really sparks your interest can help set the ball rolling. Write down your thoughts and allow yourself to muse on them for a while. More likely than not, this will help you eliminate careers that you aren’t drawn to, but don’t view this as a negative step – you’re filtering down to what you would like to do.

Get insights into your life

It’s not always easy to know what drives us, especially as we’re always in the moment, living our lives and don’t always have the time to take stock and be objective. How did you end up doing the degree course or study that you’re currently doing, for example? Many people leave school and automatically enrol for uni without really thinking about other options because it’s what they’re “expected” to do.

For the more spiritual job hunter, booking a session with a psychic from TheCircle can be a great way to get a fresh view of your own life, to see what has driven you to make certain decisions so far and what factors might be driving you as you make career choices. The advantage of analysing your life with the help of a psychic is that they have no axe to grind, like your friends and family might do; they will be able to help you look at your life more objectively than you can do alone. Also, if you’ve never had a psychic reading, it can be a fun way to explore the inner you, another experience to add to your life.

Talk to a professional about career options

When you think of someone having career coaching, it’s perhaps a more usual thing to do when you’ve already started a career and feel like you need a change, rather than before you’ve started full-time work. But why should that be? Perhaps a session with a career coach could help you avoid taking a false turn right at the beginning of your career.

Once you have some ideas of what you’re considering as career options, talk them through with a career professional and benefit from the knowledge and expertise that they have. If you’re concerned about the cost, maybe it’s something you could ask your parents to pay for as a Christmas or birthday present. Admittedly, it’s not as much fun as asking for tickets to see your favourite band or something but, in the long run, a few sessions with a career coach might be the best gift you could have if it sets you on the right course in life. Also, take advantage of any free careers’ guidance you can get through college or uni – every educational establishment will have a careers counsellor or department.

Don’t put your head in the sand and avoid thinking about what comes after college. The more thought you put into your future career now, the more likely you are to make a choice that suits you and brings you fulfilment.


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