Studying in a country where you can have almost everything at your disposal including entertainment facilities such as skiing, beaches, and maybe the most amazing historical sites and art creations can be one of your greatest fantasy. There are many countries where you can enjoy your schooling, but it is always a better option to opt for a country that has everything you might ponder for during your study period. Studying abroad in Italy especially at the BBS Business school is the best answer to that. Here are the 7 reasons to study abroad in Italy:

Italy during the day

Easy Ways to Travel Around the Country

Unlike many other countries, Italy allows you to travel around the country by bus or train for just a few Euros. Almost every big city is also perfectly connected to European and non-European countries with 87 airports to make you move around the country easily. You can easily travel by train; all the bigger Italian cities are interconnected with 77 (main-) railway stations. That makes life easier for many students that do not like travelling by car or aeroplane.

Art, Architecture, and Fashion

There is hardly a better place to study abroad for students studying art or literature. Students will be amazed and will never run out of inspirations with access to many original works and buildings that have survived hundreds of years of Italian history. However, the Italians are also very fashionable people, which is obvious from the moment of arrival at the airport.


Italy welcomes International high school students and visitors with open arms in as much you are there with your means of identification. It can be more severe if staying in a country where you feel resented by the locals. The outgoing Italian nature will also help you to make friends and feel more comfortable and less isolated while living so far from home.

Lots of Top Universities with an Impressive International Environment

Italy is a popular international study location not just due to its high multicultural ambience, but the country also has several top universities. For example, Bologna University is a prestigious institution that marks the origin of the current Western higher education system as the oldest university in Europe. Also, Bologna is on the list of top European cities that welcome the largest number of Erasmus students.

Affordable Cost and Tutor Fees

Italy is one of the most affordable countries in Europe where you can study abroad and afford the tuition fees and living costs as well without much fuss. Average tuition for all degree types varies from 850 to 1,000 EUR/year while average expenses are 700 to 1,000 EUR/month for housing, food, transportation, and fun. For further living declaration on the living cost, staying in expensive cities like Rome, Milan or Bologna will result in high cost of living while cheaper cities like Padua, Turin or Pisa will minimize your cost.

If you are someone worried about the costs of living in Italy and you are interested in the new world of the online economy, it is also always helpful to check out this Italian website to stay up to date on the changes in the economy. Who knows what can happen?

Italy Is Full of Wonders

As an international student studying in Italy, you will be opportune to take advantage of the privilege of living close to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites where you can see numerous wonderful sighting.

Italian High Schools Have so Many English-Taught Degrees You Won't Know What to Choose
However, you can find a suitable study program in any field you can imagine, from arts to computer science, many of which are English-taught. You have to research which are the most popular study program you can apply to in Italy and a useful guide on how to apply.

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