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We’re always having to work on ourselves, aren’t we? We can’t just sit still and let others take the things we want. Every single day gives us a new opportunity to enrich ourselves and improve the position we’re in. That sounds kind of deep, but it’s true.

When you’re a young kid looking for work, you need to make yourself a prospect. There are an increasing amount of applicants applying for the jobs that you want, so you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd somehow. Some of you reading this probably view yourself as pretty average in terms of the overall group – that’s fine. Sometimes you need to have all of the best qualifications, and you need to do a few specific things – not all the time, though. Making yourself more attractive and employable can be pretty simple most of the time. Here are some ways you can shine brighter:


Brush Up On The Job Your Want  

Obviously, if you know about what you’re heading into, then you’re going to have a better chance of getting the place that you want. With more knowledge on the subject, you’re able to add little gems in your cover letter that may grab attention. You’d also have more to talk about during a potential interview – when you do the talking at that stage, it impresses.


Tidy Up Your CV

It’s not all about the info on your CV. The way it looks can also sway how you’re perceived. If everything is clogged up, then it can give off the impression that you’re fairly unorganized in other aspects. Just try to smarten it up a little; you aesthetics matter more than you might think.


Dress Much Smarter

This is an easy one. Have you ever turned up to an interview looking pretty scruffy or as though you haven’t put in any effort? No? Well, good for you – you know full well that looks can influence decisions. Just like the CV; how you’re perceived can make a big difference. If you have ever done it, then perhaps that was why you didn’t get the job. Just a thought.


Improve Your IT Skills

We’re advancing further and further in the digital age. People need to be somewhat competent on a computer nowadays because they’re absolutely everywhere. Knowing simple things like how to open the task manager on Mac, and running a few basic programs probably won’t cut it these days. You might need to practice a little more and become somewhat of an intermediate.


Practice Speaking 

Confidence is key to a lot of things in life. Some are born with it; some have to build up the skill. A confident verbal manner can score huge points with employers, so perhaps practising that stuff could help your case. Use friends or family; record yourself; randomly practice as you’re doing chores. Get that public speaking ability higher!


Use Social Media

Finally, you can use social media for more than just random scrolling and gossiping. Platforms like LinkedIn can help you find the job you want. It can also make big companies bump into! Social media is also handy because you can show yourself, your work, your website, your blog, and whatever you want off!

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