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Freelancing in itself is a gift for those who like to work freely without any restrictions for office hours or to boss commands. Being a student and a freelancer is an excellent combination that is a great source of money and also prepares you for the career you wish to have when you finish your education. When this career starts early, your success chances are bigger since you will learn time management and problem-solving skills at a young age. 

However, there are many things every freelancer student should take into account, so we’ll show you some tips that would benefit your freelancing business.

Learn How to Handle Rejection

You can be all enthusiastic and full of energy about the work you’re starting as a student, and you might think that you’re the best at what you’re doing, but an unexpected thing could happen to the work that could make you give up real easy. If, for example, you work as a freelance designer, the client can easily turn down your project and hand it to someone else because their price is cheaper or because your work is not good enough for them. You have to expect things like this to happen and you should have thick skin to handle rejection; it’s a common occurrence in the freelancing world.

Own A Decent Laptop

When you start a business of your own, you don’t want to start cheap as the saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice.” Since you’re a student who just entered the career world, you wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a computer every other month, that’s why you should start with an affordable, yet, a good quality device that would be able to get the job done for you and wouldn’t give you a hard time loading pages or taking forever to open folders. According to the field that you’re working in, you should search for the most suitable laptop that can carry out your work properly.

Google Drive

Having a Google email address can simplify many day-to-day tasks that can be tiresome to do, especially that you’re a student who needs to balance work and study. With your Google email, you can have access to Google Drive, which is a cloud-based software that can backup loads of files and enables you to share them since they’re accessible from any device. Also, if your work depends on hectic invoices that you have to go through daily, making use of Google invoice templates, which you can find at Wave or FreshBooks, will make your work a breeze. It’s easy to use and makes sure that all your products, services, and payments are tracked whether you’re buying or selling.


Since you’re a freelancer, who doesn’t have an office, you should have a reliable smartphone that would help you take clients calls easily and would enable you to access the internet any time of the day without any problems. Also, you should have a good data package and a connection that won’t slow down that enables you to carry out daily tasks uninterrupted.

It’s important for any freelance student to first, harmonize between study and work, and second to follow the above tips before entering the freelancing environment to guarantee a successful and hassle-free career.

Naeem K. Manz is an experienced blogger, link building and blog outreach, expert. He is an author and contributor to quality websites.

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