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There was a time when pens, papers, typewriters, and printed dictionaries were the only tools in a writer's arsenal. Additionally, they needed the constant feedback of a mentor to properly figure out how they could improve the structure of their sentences, as well as their entire pieces.

Of course, a mentor's feedback still proves to be invaluable in terms of lasting improvement in your tone and content. But thanks to technology, writers can now boost their writing prowess on their own.

Polishing Your Writing Skills

Becoming a better writer doesn't happen overnight. Although consistent practice can help you feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​spewing words on a blank page, some tools can help ensure that the words you're throwing around actually make sense.

That is the importance of feedback. Fortunately, feedback is something that specializes in modern writer's tools. Listed below are some of the most helpful tools that you can use to boost your writing skills to the next level:

The Word Counter

Aside from literally being a word counter , this website also counts your sentences, paragraphs, and projected number of pages. It also assesses your piece's reading level, as well as its estimated reading time and speaking time.

If you're writing for the web, The Word Counter has a "keywords in action" section which highlights words that are most frequently used.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus

Surely, you've dealt with those moments when you don't have a word for what you want to write, but you have its definition in your mind. To get that out of your head, OneLook Reverse Dictionary can help.

Its database has hundreds of online thesauri and dictionaries to find the word that matches the concepts that you're searching for.


Knowing how to write properly isn't something that only matters to a professional writer. It's actually a useful skill no matter where you are in life. For instance, if you are a job applicant, have advanced writing skills, improve your chances or get hired about others who have similar qualifications and skillsets.

This is where Grammarly excels. It doesn't just correct your spelling and grammar, but it also helps you address vocabulary, formality, and conciseness issues so you can better express yourself.


Plagiarism is the worst mistake you could make as a writer. Nothing could be more embarrassing than writing great pieces, only for others to find out that you just copied it from someone else!

To ensure that your words are all original, Copyscape can help you detect if the same structures and sentences have already been published on other websites.

Cliché Finder

Cliché phrases are present in any child or writing, whether it is fictional or non-fictional. Cliché Finder can help you identify overused styles and sentences to improve your overall content. To become a better writer, it helps to eliminate the use of clichés and use fresher word choices instead.


Are you having a hard time moving on a blank page? The Unstuck app can help you generate ideas when you're dealing with a writer's block. The best thing is, it's not only applicable to writing issues — you can use it for anything you're having trouble with!

Stay Focus

Many people are having a hard time finishing their writing tasks because their computer screens are loaded with all sorts of distractions. By installing StayFocusd on your browser, you can reclaim your productivity by limiting your access to all time-wasting websites.

Marinara Timer

This website is inspired by the Pomodoro timer. You can choose from predetermined work-and-break cycles or you can create a custom timer to suit your productivity needs.


Keywords are an important part of writing content, especially if you're publishing your work online. When you're writing about a particular topic, you simply have to enter your chosen terms into Soovle's search box.

Then, it will generate the most common keywords on various websites based on that. You can use that as a baseline when you create titles and subheadings.

Bring Out the Best Writer in You in 2020

It's easy to think that writing is a talent that's only reserved for a chosen few. While it's true that some people seem like they were really born for it, ultimately, writing is a skill that can be developed with solitaire and practice — using the proper guiding tools.

If you wish to see how much more your writing can improve this 2020, the tools above can set you up on the right path towards better grammar, syntax, word choice, and overall style.

Alyssa Porretta is a student who also earns by working as a part-time blogger. Alyssa provides tips on how students can make the most out of their education and transition smoothly into finding the right career. Alyssa’s blogs are written based on her experience as a student.

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