Millennials make up the largest share of the workforce; however, Generation Z is just around the corner. Businesses will need to prepare for a new generation and the culture that comes with them. So, how do you attract young workers? Fortunately, there are plenty of creative solutions for companies to start preparing or implementing as soon as possible to attract young talent.

How Do You Attract Young Workers

One of the most significant changes, you as an employer can do, is to upgrade your technology. The next generation of workers is glued to their phones. On average Gen Z’ers spend 15.4 hours on their smartphones compared to their older generation counterparts. As an employer, you need to make sure your WiFi signal is fantastic. The new wave of workers love their gadgets and devices, so upgrading old operating systems and investing in new hardware is a massive bonus.

Are you on social media? Well, you should be. Make sure you and your company have a brand that promotes a healthy work-life balance and diversity in the workforce. Uploading videos of the day to day life in the workplace will help. The world is becoming more and more online, and you need to make sure you and your company's image is on show. You could even think about upgrading your recruitment process; ask for potential candidates to send in a video CV or video cover letter instead of the traditional paper applications. 

Another way to attract young workers is the working environment. Are you aware of your carbon footprint? Do you recycle? Gen Z’ers are very mindful of environmental issues and will not want to work in a company that doesn’t seem to care about the planet. You should also provide flexible working, and provide ergonomic desks, as well as standing desks.

You may be thinking this is a lot of effort and money, but Generation Z is the new workforce, and doing these things will future-proof your company.

Benefits Of Youth Employment


How Do You Attract Young Workers

Luckily, there are a lot of benefits of youth employment. Not only are you keeping the local community and economy thriving, but young employees also come with a plethora of skills and ideas that will increase productivity and profitability in the long-term. 

After seeing the recession of 2008, Gen Z’ers have seen family struggle to make ends meet. In turn, this means they are more likely to be happy on a stable income working a traditional job - although offering some flexibility, like working from home is a bonus; it isn’t that important to them after all. 

The new generation likes to question everything; asking why a decision was made rather than just accepting it. They also like a lot of feedback. In the long-term, this means you will question your own practices and will start updating old policies and work habits. Also providing regular feedback is a positive thing not only for them but also for you. How are you as a company, and what can you do to improve?

Another benefit of youth employment is that they are cheaper. A lot of young professionals are at entry-level or are recent graduates and may not have all the experience required for a higher salary. Because young professionals are not as experienced as older professionals; by trusting in them and offering a job, means you will most likely have a long-term employee. Young professionals are indeed loyal. 

One more thing that is fantastic about the new generation is that they are incredibly creative and want to make an impact. Gen Z’ers want to make a difference, have a passion for further advancements and think about solutions, rather than problems.


How To Create Job Opportunities For The Youth?


How to create job opportunities for the youth is a pressing question. Fortunately, as an employer, you have the power to do so. All you have to do is look beyond wanting a candidate with an x amount of years of experience - you want candidates with potential. If having a certain amount of experience is necessary for the job roles that you offer; then you could provide experiences differently, by having internships or apprenticeships. 

Another way to create more job opportunities for the youth is by offering part-time jobs, or seasonal jobs, such as summer jobs or Christmas jobs.


Hiring Young Employees


Hiring young employees has never been easier. We, at StudentJob, specialise in providing jobs for youths, students and Generation Z. We have over 1 million highly potential and talented candidates registered with us. Placing a vacancy with us takes no more than 5 minutes. Place your free job advert today, and start future-proofing your company. 

If you need any advice or help with placing a vacancy, you can contact us and we are happy to help. We also have a business advice section for more tips on hiring young employees.

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