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The internet is a vast landscape of culture, community, and it’s got tons of stuff for you to engage with. The rise of technology has meant it’s possible for more and more people to get online and start creating, which means even more inspiration for you to absorb for your work!

The moment my creative journey begins each day is the moment when I flip open my laptop. I’m a visual artist and I like to take in a variety of different sources to get me going, from different social media accounts to daily newsletters in my inbox.

Below you’ll find 5 quick ways you can find your creative inspiration online, and fuel the rest of your day!

Read an online magazine

I start off each day by reading a couple of stories from an online magazine. I find independent, lifestyle and culture magazines to work best, and No Majesty is my personal favourite. But there are tons of other places you can find inspiration for your work depending on the field that you’re in. 

Take a look at some of the other people in your industry on social media - have they shared anything that’s worth reading? While you’re there, see what the latest posts of the day are, so that you can stay up to date.

Email Newsletters

As I mentioned earlier, newsletters are a great way of quickly getting some inspiration before jumping into your work. Publications, like It’s Nice That and Vice, do great free newsletters and depending on what field you work in, and what kind of project you need ideas for, there’s usually a free newsletter to match your needs.

So go ahead, subscribe to a few newsletters, and give yourself something fun to flick through on your commute! Just make sure you don’t end up with an inbox with hundreds of unread emails, of course.

Social Media accounts

As someone working in the visual creative sector, I obviously find Instagram to work best for this, but there are plenty of accounts on Twitter and Facebook that are putting out great original content daily. There’s plenty of good stuff out there from all kinds of companies and individual creators too, depending on what kind of inspiration you need to get you started on the project you’re working on at the moment.

Take a look at some of the work your peers are creating, and even look at how they’re engaging with some of the other work in your field - even your own. Sharing your latest piece of creative work with the world can allow you to quickly get feedback from your peers and see what’s working well, as well as what could potentially be done better. Did you know that social media can also be great for your job search?

Quickly check the news

I say quickly, because you might not want to spend too long pouring over the news each day, as it can get a little draining. However, keeping up to date with the latest news means that you can stay connected to what others around you are experiencing. In terms of art this is very useful, as your creations can aim to draw a response from those audiences. 

Depending on what you’re looking to stay up to date with, you may want to be checking out more independent news publications, ones that perhaps have a fresh take on stories that have been covered frequently for a while. This will in turn allow you to see a different angle of a familiar story and create something original in response. 

Do an online lesson

As more and more people move their businesses online and start working remotely, there have been more people hosting online lessons than ever before. You can find lessons online for everything from mindfulness and meditation and even personal training classes.

Activities like this help to clear your mind, get your blood pumping, and release those all important endorphins that help you feel positive about moving forward in your project. Just what you need in terms of inspiration!


There are plenty of things you can do at the start of the day, or the end, depending on when you begin your day, to get inspired. Find what works for you, fit it into your everyday routine, and before you know it you’ll be off on an unstoppable creative streak.

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